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Most Shocking Betrayals in Anime


The anime medium may look to be an art form that depicts wholesome themes under the nature of its light-hearted animation, but this is only part of a larger truth. Anime is a very creative style of telling action filled stories, & building thrilling narratives that more often than not leave a lasting impact on the viewers. Over the years there have been countless critically acclaimed anime that have been praised for their interesting plot threads, & unique character dynamics.

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Anime fans would be familiar with the notions of friendship & trust, as these are some of the most recurring themes in the medium. Many anime focus on the importance of friendship & how it can be used to overcome any problem. However, some of the most intriguing plot twists that exist across all anime stemmed when a character ended up betraying their friends & comrades. This one act has often shifted the entire tone of an anime, leaving the audience shocked to their core.


5/5 Stein’s Gate: Moeka Kills Mayuri

Moeka Kills Mayuri

Stein’s Gate is twisted show to say the least. It lures in its audience by using the eccentricity of its protagonist Okabe Rintaro & the charms of other characters like Kurisu & Mayuri. Halfway through the series however, the entire tone of the show shifts & these quirky yet relatable characters end up suffering in unimaginable ways.

The greatest twist in the show comes when one of the female acquaintances of Okabe, the anti-social Moeka ends up shooting a bullet through the innocent Mayuri’s chest killing her in the process. It is later revealed that Moeka was actually a spy working for a secret organization. This single event causes Okabe to time travel over & over again in hopes of finding a timeline in which he could save Mayuri from dying.

4/5 Berserk: Griffith Sacrifices the B& Of The Hawks


Berserk is a dark fantasy anime that has no shortage of brutal & mind-bending scenes. Berserk follows a tortured & abused warrior, Guts, as he travels the world to find his place. At one point in his journey he encounters a mercenary group called the B& of The Hawks, & after being inspired by their leader Griffith’s conviction, ends up joining the b&.

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The greatest twist in the series then comes when Griffith, in pursuit of attaining other worldly power, ends up br&ing his entire b& along with Guts & his close aide Carla as sacrifices for demons. What follows this betrayal are scenes of unspeakable horror, as one by one the members of the b& are brutally killed by demons. Guts & Carla manage to survive the night of the attack however, they suffer fates worse than death as a consequence.

3/5 Naruto Shippuden: Black Zetsu Betrays Madara

Black Zetsu Betrays Madara

Naruto Shippuden has no shortage of worthy villains & antagonists, but none came close to being as menacing & powerful as Madara Uchiha. The name of this person alone would rock shonibi to their core, breaking their will. Madara was set up as the mastermind behind the Fourth Shinobi World War, controlling Obito & the Akatsuki from well beyond the grave.

Upon his revival by the h&s of Obito, Madara seemingly became unstoppable, defeating the present Five Kage with little effort, surviving Might Guy’s unleashed Eighth Gate assault & even st&ing against Naruto & Sasuke at their full power. The Uchiha King’s win in the war seemed inevitable. That is, until he was betrayed by one of his own allies, Black Zetsu. Black Zetsu was, in fact, the will reincarnate of Kaguya Otsutsuki who used Madara to unleash the Infinite Tsukuyomi to free Kaguya Otsutsuki from her imprisonment.

2/5 Bleach: Sosuke Aizen Betrays The Soul Society

Sosuke Aizen

The initial arcs of Bleach were some of the very best seen across shonen anime. As Ichigo & his friends made their way into the Soul Society to save Rukiya, there were other matters unfolding on the side as well. Sosuke Aizen was initially the captain of the fifth division of the Soul Reapers who was thought to have been killed by someone within the Soul Society. However, it was later revealed that Aizen staged his own fake death & even masterminded the call for Rukiya’s immediate execution.

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This shocking twist left both the fans & the rest of the Soul Society speechless as no one ever thought that the gentle & caring captain of the fifth division would turn out to be a traitor. In truth however, Aizen had been plotting to betray the Soul Reapers for a long time & after making his true intentions known to the other captains he flees from the Soul Society with Captain Tosen of the ninth division & Captain Ichimaru of the third division.

1/5 Attack On Titan: Reiner And Bertholdt’s Betrayal

Reiner & Bearthold's Betrayal

From the very first episode Attack on Titan pulls its audience deep in its lore, making them anticipate about the mystery surrounding the Titans that roam its world. The first season of this show revealed that one of the Scout Regiment’s member, Annie, was in fact a treacherous Titan in hiding. Though this reveal was plenty shocking itself, it does not Approach close to the betrayal that Eren & his friends had to face at the h&s of Reiner & Beartholdt later on in the series.

Tired of the bloodshed, & plagued by his guilt, Reiner ends up revealing his & Bertholdt’s true identity to Eren in the second season of the show, in order to enlist Eren. A confused Eren at first does not take Reiner’s words seriously & shrugs it as nonsense, but the situation soon worsens as Reiner & berthold realize they would have to make their st& right then & there. This utter betrayal causes Eren to go on a rampage against the two traitors in their titan forms leading to an epic clash.

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