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MultiVersus Dataminers Find Evidence of Samurai Jack Coming to the Game


It appears the popular animated character Samurai Jack could be on his way to MultiVersus, joining the increasingly wacky roster of fighters.


A dataminer may have discovered a string of code referencing Samurai Jack coming to MultiVersus. Launching over the Summer, the platform fighter from WB Games & Player First Games has proven to be incredibly popular, reaching millions of players in the first weeks since it released its open beta. Combining tight gameplay mechanics with a roster of wacky characters, MultiVersus is constantly adding new updates, giving its players bug fixes & more content to enjoy. Recently, MultiVersus has celebrated the launch of its second season.


The second season of MultiVersus introduced Marvin the Martian to fans as well as a new stage based on Game of Thrones. Beyond these additions, the new season for the fighter has also given dataminers another chance to dive deep into the game’s files & figure out which characters are coming next. In the past, plenty of additional characters for MultiVersus such as Raven from Teen Titans & Beetlejuice have been uncovered in the game’s code.

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Now, yet another character may have been inadvertently revealed through data mining. According to prolific leaker LaisulMV, there is currently a string of code in MultiVersus referring to “Aku’s Mountain.” Considering Aku is the name of the primary antagonist in the popular animated series Samurai Jack, a lot of fans have taken this to mean that the iconic swordsman is making his way to MultiVersus at some point. As this hasn’t yet been confirmed by Player First Games, fans should take this leak with a pinch of salt. However, there are a few reasons why it may be the case that Samurai Jack is on his way to the game.

In another code string, the Game of Thrones stage was unveiled, something that was later confirmed officially confirmed to be coming to MultiVersus, so it could be the case that the Samurai Jack leak could also hold some truth. So far, only Marvin the Martian has been confirmed to be coming to the fighter as part of season two, & if MultiVersus follows the example of its first season, a lot more characters will be confirmed before long.

There have been plenty of surprise character reveals in MultiVersusshort history, including the addition of Gizmo from the Gremlins franchise, who wasn’t expected considering Stripe was also confirmed to be coming to the game. With so many Warner Bros. IPs for MultiVersus to grab iconic figures from, a lot of fans wouldn’t be surprised no matter who was announced to be coming to the game next.

MultiVersus is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X.

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