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The Beginning Of The End


The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 374, “Butterfly Effect,” by Kohei Horikoshi, translated by Caleb Cook available in English from Viz Media.

My Hero Academia has been enjoying a run of some incredible chapters lately, but none comes close to what this week’s chapter, My Hero Academia 374, offered to the fans. Previously, the manga was focused on the battle between the Heroes & the Heteromorphs, which concluded when Spinner managed to awaken Kurogiri & accomplish his mission in the area. Immediately, fans knew that they were headed towards the bigger battles of the arc &, consequently, tackle the climax of the Final War saga.


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That is exactly what this week’s chapter of My Hero Academia offers. And needless to say, it is one that surpassed the expectations of every fan, despite being more of a setup chapter than one that delivered action. My Hero Academia 374 went in firing on all cylinders from the very beginning & covered every aspect of the ongoing war with great detail.

The Awakening Of Kurogiri

Kurogiri my hero academia 374

In the previous chapter, fans saw Kurogiri finally awaken after Spinner put all his energy into the arduous task of getting to him. This week, Kurogiri once again reminded the fans that he was not Shirakumo anymore. His goal is to get to Shigaraki Tomura & that is exactly what he did. By making use of his Warp Gate Quirk, He was able to transport himself &, by the looks of it, even Yamada & possibly even Spinner to a different location. This location is none other than the flying Sky Fortress where All For One & Izuku Midoriya are currently fighting for supremacy. This was something that fans had predicted as Aizawa is currently in the same place. Being a very close friend of Shirakumo, it was a given that he would be involved in whatever conclusion his character arc comes to, & for that to happen, Kurogiri had to arrive at the Flying Fortress. From here onwards, things are only going to get more interesting & the final battle is surely going to live up to the expectations. Horikoshi has very high expectations to deliver on. However, for a writer of his caliber, this should not be a task that is too daunting.

The Fated Battle Between Brothers

Todoroki vs dabi my hero academia 374

As mentioned earlier, this week’s chapter gave glimpses of every major fight going on currently. It has been months since a glimpse was provided of the ongoing clash between Dabi & Shoto Todoroki. Fans have been waiting for an update on this fight & this week, Horikoshi finally delivered with My Hero Academia 374. By the looks of it, both the brothers have hit their limit. In fact, Shoto goes as far as to say that they had surpassed their limits & their bodies are barely holding up. This is more so true for Dabi as his body has already been damaged severely. That said, he is the one who appears to be stronger of the two, however, at the cost of his very life.

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Dabi aims to kill Shoto & present his body to none other than his own father, Enji. However, he realized that it would take too long for him to accomplish that feat. Instead, using the power of warping, he managed to arrive at the ruins of the Gunga Villa, where Endeavor & Hawks are engaging with prime All For One. Now, Endeavor is faced with his own son, who will likely be accompanied by Shoto. Hawks will be faced by none other than Twice, who is actually Toga in disguise.

All For One’s Plan

All for one vs deku my hero academia 374

From here onwards, All For One’s plan is very close to fruition as both of his bodies are in the front seat. In the Flying Fortress, All For One has finally received support in the form of Kurogiri & that spells Depraved news for everyone who is still left st&ing there on the Heroes’ side. Kurogiri will certainly aid Shigaraki & make it impossibly hard for the Heroes to prevail. At the same time, the added bodies that prime All For One has received now will make things harder for Endeavor & Hawks. As mentioned by All for one himself, he aims to get to Shigaraki to aid him in battle & free him from the grasp of the Heroes who have tried their best to keep his powers at bay. Now, thanks to Kurogiri, the tides of the battle have shifted in All For One’s favor & he will most likely take advantage of this, one way or another.

This chapter truly marked the beginning of the end for My Hero Academia’s Final War saga. Now, the author will only focus on the Huge battles that are left & the next few chapters will prove to be decisive for the fate of the Hero society. Needless to say, this week’s chapter of My Hero Academia was simply stunning & left fans wanting more. Unfortunately, My Hero Academia will be on Wreck next week, however, fans will be treated with more of the same when it finally makes its return the week after.

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