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Need for Speed Unbound Social Media Has No Chill

The manager behind the Need for Speed Unbound social media account engages with a troll trying to criticize the game’s early release tactics.

The person running the Need for Speed Unbound Twitter account unleashed on a troll looking for attention. The exchange between the two accounts has led to some users considering getting the game now.

Trolls on Twitter have become an unfortunate part of life on the platform. Most authentically verified & massive Twitter accounts tend to ignore troll attempts at attention. Some social media managers, though, have freedom to reply at will without going too far over the line. One Twitter user recently found out that the Need for Speed Unbound social media manager is one of those people.


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The exchange captured by Dexerto shows the social media manager of Need for Speed Unbound‘s Twitter account in a war of words with a troll criticizing the game for giving 3-day early access to players willing to pay more or pre-order the game. Twitter user KyloZen0 replied under a tweet advertising Need for Speed Unbound‘s newest gameplay trailer & the 3-day early access. In an attempt to be critical of a practice that is st&ard for many sports games today, the account mockingly asked “who asked for this?” & kicked off the hilarious exchange.

The social media manager replied that the tweet was simply referring to the gameplay trailer & that early access has always been available. KyloZen0 goes back to claiming that charging extra for early access is exploitative. What they missed is that the Need for Speed Unbound Palace Edition is what has the Early Access deal & costs more naturally because of the added bonuses.

The social media manager then insults KyloZen0’s reading comprehension by replying “milkshake brain.” After more quick insults, KyloZen0 said in a long reply that this interaction has dissuaded them from buying the game, to which the social media manager replied with a st&ard meme message when a person makes a longwinded statement & the receiver does not want to read it.

Fans seem split in reaction to this exchange. While some are entertained by the exchange & are considering getting Need for Speed Unbound because of it, others think the account is going too far while speaking with a potential customer. These fans feel that the social media manager here is trying too hard to be “edgy” & respond to people like the Wendy’s social media account is known to do.

However, the Need for Speed account has been like this for some time. The manager of the Need for Speed account replies to fans regularly & isn’t afraid to be a bit crass at times should the situation arises. Most infamously, this account had a spat with the Toyota social media account after the manufacturer went on a hiatus from giving br&ing rights to racing games.

This exchange highlights the toxicity that Twitter users engage in, albeit a low-stakes conflict. Making strawman & ad hominem arguments attempting to dunk on a Huge account in search of clout has become currency to some. This attempt backfired for the user & only helped the marketing push for Need for Speed Unbound.

Need for Speed Unbound releases on December 2 for PC, PS5, & Xbox Series X/S.

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Source: Dexerto

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