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The Case for a Need for Speed Underground Remake Collection

Though it’s indisputable that Need for Speed has been a leader of the racing genre since its inception, most fans would agree that Need for Speed Underground & its sequel were true st&out stars for the series & are in dire need of a remaster. Among the dozens of Need for Speed titles, only a few have succeeded in becoming fan favorites, including the likes of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit & its sequel or Need for Speed Most Wanted. But with its upcoming Need for Speed Unbound seemingly hearkening back to the series’ older games, it seems EA is returning to the series’ roots.


This means there has never been a better time for a remake collection of both Underground games. The original games’ success is believed by fans to have been caused by “right time, right place” circumstances, & in hindsight they both are perfect representations of the cultural background they were influenced by. But beyond this, building on the success of the series, including its predecessor Hot Pursuit 2, the Underground games brought fresh ideas that reinvigorated Need for Speed. It would therefore be a missed opportunity to not tap into the remake scene after Unbound by starting with these fan favorites.

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Nostalgia for Need for Speed Underground

Compared to other Need for Speed games, the Underground games have a distinctive aesthetic & tone that sets them apart from the series. Between burgeoning movie series like The Fast & Furious to the mainstream embrace of musical genres like rap & hip-hop, both Underground games can be seen as emblematic of the cultural backdrop they were released to. With a strong emphasis on street racing, vehicle customization akin to the likes of MTV’s Pimp My Ride, & a soundtrack brimming with prominent rap, hip-hop, EDM, & more, Underground & its sequel are snapshots of the turn of the century.

Much of this is what fans argue makes these games so memorable & beloved across Need for Speed players. Though many celebrate the likes of Most Wanted as the series’ greatest game, most if not all fans can agree that the Underground games were breaths of fresh air, capitalizing on the cultural trends & delivering new gameplay experiences beyond traditional racing, such as game modes focused on drifting or drag races. As a result, these games are among the most well-known for the series & would be the perfect choice for a remake collection that tapped into fans’ nostalgia.

Why a Need for Speed Underground Remake Makes Sense

Need for Speed Underground 2's loading screen.

Though there have been various remasters & reboots in the series’ history, Need for Speed hasn’t seemed interested in keeping pace with the rest of the gaming industry & releasing remakes of its most successful games. So while Final Fantasy & Resident Evil ride the momentum of the remake trend, it seems as good a time as any for Need for Speed to finally do the same. Conveniently, as such a long-st&ing series, Need for Speed has a wealth of games to choose as the recipient of an overhaul for modern gaming systems.

Given that the likes of Hot Pursuit & Most Wanted have already seen multiple interpretations across Need for Speed’s history, the Underground games serve as ideal c&idates for a remake in terms of popularity & value. Not only are the games among the series’ oldest & most dem&ed by fans for a remake, but EA could kill two birds with one stone by combining both games into one release either as separate games to play or merging the two together to form an updated, all-encompassing Need for Speed Underground game with new vehicles, music artists & songs, all with exp&ed gameplay modes & stories.

Need for Speed Underground released in 2003 for GameCube, PC, PS2, & Xbox.

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