Need for Speed Unbound Takes a Shot at Fast & Furious’ Dom


Need for Speed Unbound Spoilers Inbound!Chances are, if someone loves racing games, they’ll love real-life racing events & racing movies too. Need for Speed & Fast & Furious certainly share some fans, with many fans of the latter no doubt diving into the recent release of Need for Speed Unbound. One thing they may not be expecting is for Need for Speed to call out Fast & Furious, especially so potently.

One thing Need for Speed Unbound players will quickly realize is how meta-aware the game is, knowing full well it’s a game & having some fun with that. Tessa, for example, will Question players if they had some traumatic experience in the “prologue of their life,” after just completing the prologue. Rydell, too, will constantly reference the “need for…uhh,” often forgetting the speed portion of the quote, but players know what he means. He eventually says it straight up, which is exactly like when a movie comes out & says its title. Early on, Rydell will also talk like family, quickly bringing Fast & Furious‘ Dom to mind, but the game goes for the throat near its end. FINAL SPOILER WARNING.


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Need for Speed Unbound: What’s Next? Fast & Furious’ Plot

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Near the end of Need for Speed Unbound‘s story mode, Yaz & the player will discuss what they should do next. The player’s response is a detailed description of the Fast & Furious franchise, citing how they will need to put together a crew, “talk about family,” do the same thing but different, save the world, & repeat it 8 or 9 times. This is a painfully apt & tongue-in-cheek description of Fast & Furious, as The Fast Saga is currently composed of 9 films (with Fast X set for release in 2023). Of course, it’s the family portion that has drawn the most eyes.

As many know, family is a domineering theme throughout the racing franchise, but the internet really ran away with it after the release of F9: The Fast Saga. Many memes placed The Fast Saga’s Dom in unusual contexts, accompanied by phrases such as “you don’t need logic when you have family” & “nothing stronger than family.” As these were occurring while Need for Speed Unbound was in development, it’s no surprise to see this throwback of sorts here.

Of course, it’s just a little ribbing between racing franchises, especially given how loyalty & family are a staple of the genre at large. It’s unknown what Criterion Games will do after Need for Speed Unbound, but fans can at least expect more of Dom & his family in Fast X next year.

Need for Speed Unbound is available on PC, PS5, & Xbox Series X/S.

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