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Nintendo Switch Sports Reveals Release Date for Free Golf Update

After a long delay, Nintendo finally confirms official release date for Nintendo Switch Sports free golf update, & fans don’t have long to wait.

After a slew of delays & bugs, Nintendo Switch Sports‘ free golf update is finally on the way. The spiritual successor to the popular Wii Sports game has not had an easy year since it launched last April. It has not proven as successful with fans since currently, Nintendo Switch Sports includes only a h&ful of sports mini-games ranging from bowling to volleyball that players can compete in with their friends either online or offline.

Since launching, more recent updates for Nintendo Switch Sports have caused havoc for gamers & were even pulled temporarily by Nintendo. The major bug prevented players from entering into matches & would actually crash during loading. That issue likely forced Nintendo to delay releasing any more additions to the game. With how delayed the newest addition has been, fans who used to play have seemingly moved on.


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The free golf update to Nintendo Switch Sports will be added to the game on November 28, according to an announcement made by Nintendo on its official Twitter page. Those still interested in diving into this sports title can enjoy teeing off in 21 different holes from the Wii Sports series. The golf update will include two modes; a survival mode where players will have to survive being eliminated & a more laid-back casual one for gamers just to have some informal competition with their friends. Hopefully, this rollout goes more swimmingly. Nintendo actually compensated players for issues in the last Nintendo Switch Sports update.

Reception from fans to the recent news has been mixed. Some gamers stated that because they have waited so long to play, they aren’t even interested now. Others pointed out that it’s been well over seven months & that the golf courses included aren’t new but just re-used from Wii Sports. Many believe that the golf update should have been included from the start. Unfortunately for current players, they won’t be able to get any compensation from Nintendo besides in-game rewards. However, Pokemon fans are seemingly being compensated. This comes after some Pokemon players dem&ed refunds for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet which has significant bugs & performance issues.

As of now, golf is the only announced free addition to Nintendo Switch Sports, & it’s unknown if more sports will be added next year. Since it has been so long since its launch, this would be highly unlikely at this point since Nintendo already has its h&s full with the fallout from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet being the lowest-reviewed Pokemon games ever. Perhaps Nintendo will learn from its previous mistakes with Nintendo Switch Sports & make sure the golf update goes swimmingly & wins back players.

Nintendo Switch Sports is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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