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November 23 Wordle Reply 522

Another day means yet another Wordle puzzle for players to ponder through, & some players might be looking for a little help today.

Wordle is back with another puzzle for players to figure out. Today’s word probably won’t be much of a challenge for long-time players, but some newbies might need a hint or two to get through this puzzle with a win.

How To Play Wordle

This daily puzzle game with simple rules can be easy to learn, but players will need to play a lot of Wordle to get to the best strategy. In order to get started, players will first need to learn the rules of how to play.

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First, choose a starting Wordle word. This word:

  • Must be five letters long.
  • Must be a real English word.
  • Shouldn’t be a previous Reply to a puzzle.
  • Shouldn’t be a plural noun ending in S or ES.
  • Should contain a lot of letters common to Wordle puzzles.

Type the starting word into the Wordle site & press enter. This will cause the letters to change colors, giving players loads of clues to get to the Reply.

  • Green letters are correct & in the right place in the word of the day.
  • Gray letters are incorrect & won’t appear in the final Reply today.
  • Yellow letters are right but in the wrong place in the word.

Given these clues, players need to keep trying new five-letter words & getting more hints from the colors of these words. The game ends when players either guess the word of the day or run out of their six total tries. Puzzles reset daily at midnight local time every day, giving players a whole new word to try out.

Hints for the Wordle 522 for November 23, 2022

The Wordle word of the day is a common word without any duplicated letters, but some players might still want a little help. Here are some hints for those word puzzle fans that may want them.

  • Today’s five-letter Wordle word begins with the letter D.
  • This word contains two vowels.
  • It is both a verb & a noun.
  • The definition of this word can be “a force that causes something to move.”
  • There is one R in this word.
  • This word contains no duplicated letters.
  • It also contains a letter I.
  • This word rhymes with “CHIVE.”

Reply for Wordle 522 for November 23, 2022

If any fans of Wordle want the full spoiler, they can find it just below this image.

Wordle Logo

The Reply to Wordle puzzle 522 is DRIVE.

Wordle is available for any browser.

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