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November 30 Wordle Reply 529


The last Wordle puzzle word of November is here, & players all over the world will be logging into the New York Times Games site to play today.


Another day, another Wordle five-letter word to puzzle through. In order to get through today’s puzzle in the six tries all players get, a little help may be needed or just the whole Reply.

How To Play Wordle

Wordle, while originally developed by the indie dev for powerlanguage, is owned & hosted by the New York Times Games. Players can still find the original version both on the newspaper’s website & the New York Times Crossword App. The subject of this article is this original version.


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In order to play, first choose the best starting Wordle word.

  • Starting words must be five letters long.
  • They must be real English words.
  • They should not be a repeated Reply from an earlier Wordle.
  • Wordle answers are now curated, so players will want to start with words that may be relevant if there is a holiday happening.
  • Starting words should have a good distribution of common letters.

Once a good word is chosen, type it into the site or app & press enter. This will cause the letters to change colors & give players clues for the real Reply.

  • Green letters are correct.
  • Gray letters are incorrect.
  • Letters that become yellow are right but in the wrong place in the word.

Players have six total tries of typing in words & getting clues through the colors of the letters. If players don’t guess the Reply in six tries, they lose the game. Puzzles reset daily at midnight local time, meaning there is only one word for everyone every day.

Hints for the Wordle 529 for November 30, 2022

While today’s Wordle word of the day is not too challenging, it can still be difficult for some players. If anyone wants a hint without spoiling the Reply, they can check below.

  • Today’s five-letter Wordle word begins with the letter S.
  • This word contains one vowel & one Y.
  • It is a noun, but it can also be used as a verb.
  • The definition of this word can be “to learn.”
  • There is one T in this word.
  • This word contains no duplicated letters.
  • It also contains a letter D.
  • This word rhymes with “MUDDY.”

Reply for Wordle 529 for November 30, 2022

If someone is still in need of the full spoiler for today’s puzzle, check below the image. The Reply to the Wordle will be located there.

wordle game 202

The Reply to Wordle puzzle 529 is STUDY.

Wordle is available for any browser.

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