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November Discord Update Allows Xbox Users to Join Voice Channels Straight From Console


The Xbox November update offers Discord enhancements to voice chat, as well as other quality-of-life features that are likely to impress.


The November Discord update allows Xbox Users to join voice channels straight from the console. This is good news for those that use Discord, as the integration between Xbox & the community app will allow easier communication & accessibility for players.

The Xbox November update is available now, & it comes with new features that are sure to excite players, such as updates to the Discord app on the Xbox console. For players that have friends on PC, they can now communicate while playing their cross-play games together without having to resort to the mobile app. Even beyond the improvements to Discord, there are other quality-of-life features that will integrate the experience further & improve on what was available previously.


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It was announced a while back that Discord voice chat would be coming to Xbox consoles, & with the latest November update, improvements to voice chat have been added to better communication through the app. Discord channels can now be joined straight from the Xbox console, as well as audio improvements, & updated features that have been on players’ wishlists. From the guide section of the Xbox UI, players can click on “Parties & Chats” to find Discord. The voice channels that players can join will be immediately available to select directly from the app.


The update also includes the ability for players to share their wishlist with other players, which will also alert those players when someone has received a gift & when an item from a player’s wishlist has gone on sale. What is equally exciting is Microsoft’s new capture app that allows for more options regarding the sharing & viewing of clips & images, such as bitrate playback, & the ability to copy these captures to an external hard drive. If this wasn’t enough to satisfy Xbox fans’ excitement, there are now more streaming options available that include: the ability to start live streams with Twitch, Streamlabs, & Lightstream straight from the console. The recent update & the Xbox Game Pass perks make November a good month for Xbox players if they are taking advantage of it.

Thankfully, PlayStation is also getting Discord, which is reported to be available in early 2023. Whether it will be on par with the Xbox version will be determined in the future, seeing as how Xbox has had more time to update the app’s software since its introduction on the console earlier this year. Either way, it is great to see consoles bridging the gap & integrating the video game experience with players on other platforms.

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