Old Video Of Security Guard Slapping Hippo In Zoo Goes Viral – NDTV

The hippopotamus was trying to come out of its enclosure.
Hippopotamus is one of the largest animals on the planet, and is known for being aggressive. While its demeanour is calm, the animal can give people a scare by its quick movements. A video circulating on social media shows a security guard risking his life to push a hippo back into its enclosure and save the visitors. The video was first posted in March this year, and has resurfaced. This time, it has been posted on Twitter by a handle called B&S with the caption, “Security Guard risking his life to save incredibly unalarmed zoo visitors from a hippo.”
Since being shared two days ago, the clip has amassed 4.5 million views. While the date is not mentioned, the video was reportedly shot in Delhi zoo.

Security Guard risking his life to save incredibly unalarmed zoo visitors from a hippo

by miguelabduarte

It shows the hippo attempting to climb out of its enclosure as the visitors watch in surprise. A security guard immediately rushes to the spot and slaps the hippo, signaling it to go back to its enclosure. But the animal keeps opening its wide mouth again and again.
The guard keeps its hand up, trying to threaten the hippo but the animal tries to assert its dominance. But the guard keeps pushing the huge animal, gently tapping on its head.
The hippo finally climbs down the fence and goes back into enclosure.
The 39-second video has attracted many comments from Twitter users, who said hitting an animal is wrong.

“Hitting an animal is wrong. One should never hit an animal. Animals should not be held captive. Animals should be in sanctuaries for the protection of the animals not for human pleasure,” one user tweeted.
“It’s a hippo, I’d be surprised if it even felt it, and it’s clearly not scared of him,” said another.
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