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One Piece 1067: The Genius Of Vegapunk

The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1067, “Punk Records,” by Eiichiro Oda, translated by Stephen Paul available in English from Viz Media.

One piece 1067 continued the incredible reveals of the Egghead Isl& arc in full swing. Author, Eiichiro Oda, has worked incredibly well on the beginning of the Egghead Isl& arc, & by the looks of it, the intensity is only ever going to rise. Egghead Isl& has quite easily enjoyed the most intense start to a One Piece arc in recent memory & fans are certainly enjoying every bit of it.


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In the previous chapter, fans got a lot of information about Egghead Isl& in general. Sprinkled across the chapter were bits about the history of the world of One Piece which Vegapunk is privy to, thanks to his incredibly large mind. One Piece 1067 set up the conflict of this arc & also reinstated the idea that Egghead Isl& would be a small arc. The many mysteries of Vegapunk, the threat of CP0, & the lore of the One Piece world were tackled in this chapter.

Punk Records

One Piece 1067 shed further light on Vegapunk & his genius. This arc has been predominantly about him & in the previous chapter, fans were able to see his short backstory & how he connected to Dragon. At the same time, his curious connection to the Navy was also explained. In this week’s chapter, his genius was explained a bit more & it was revealed that Vegapunk is the user of the Nomi Nomi no Mi, a Paramecia type of Devil Fruit that has granted him an incredibly large brain. Essentially, Vegapunk’s brain can store as much information as he needs, which is perfect for a genius like him. In other words, his brain acts as a library.

In fact, his brain has gotten so Huge that he places it on the isl& & under the name of Punk Records. At the same time, he has split himself into six parts which the fans have already seen over the course of the arc. Eat facet of his personality is represented by one body &, this way, Vegapunk gets six times more work done. At the end of the day, every body of his synchronizes with Punk Records, & this way, Vegapunk stores all their experiences & information. Through the apple-shaped antenna on his head, he receives transmission from Punk Records & his dream is for humanity to share this.

The Iron Giant

Iron giant one piece 1067

The Egghead Isl& arc has continued to uncover bits from the history of the world of One Piece. It appears that Oda is finally ready to reveal information about the key historical events & this chapter revealed yet another one of those to the fans – the iron giant that was revealed in chapter 1066. It was revealed that this iron giant climbed the Red Line & attacked the holy l& of Mariejois somehow, nearly 200 years ago. This giant was created by the people who existed during the Void Century with their advanced technology that fans know they possessed. By the looks of it, the attempt the iron giant was making somehow failed, yet its remains lay on egghead Isl&.

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At the same time, a key connection to Fishman Isl& was drawn. Nearly 200 years ago, a great breakthrough was made for the Fishman race as they were recognized as a separate race & not just fish. It is possible that whatever this iron giant was trying to accomplish had something to do with the fishmen, who themselves are deeply involved in the events of the Void Century as fans know, being allies to Joy Boy. One Piece 1067 certainly added even more intrigue to the lore of the One Piece world &, undoubtedly, the fans will find out more about it as the arc moves forward.

The Arrival Of CP0

cp0 one piece 1067 (1)

It was at the beginning of the Egghead Isl& arc that it was made clear to the fans that the CP0 will be playing a key role in the arc. They were seen headed towards Egghead Isl&, led by Lucci, in an attempt to vanquish all the bodies of Dr. Vegapunk, including his main body, & deliver the Seraphim of Bartholomew Kuma. In this chapter, the CP0 finally arrive on Egghead Isl&. They once again reinstate their target as Dr. Vegapunk, however, they further add that they will try to eliminate Jewelry Bonney as well, who is tied to the Celestial Dragons somehow. Over the years, she has escaped their grasp several times & survived. Yet, the World Government have received what they wanted from her, as mentioned by Lucci.

As such, they have no use for her anymore, which explains why they plan on eliminating her. With the Straw Hat Pirates on the isl& already, it will be incredibly difficult for Lucci & the CP0 to actually do something. At the same time, Dr. Vegapunk, who had previously predicted that he would die, now sees hope. In One Piece 1067, he mentioned fate being at play & suggested Luffy take him away from Egghead Isl&. Meanwhile, on Momoiro Isl&, Bartholomew Kuma appears to be on the move. Fans don’t know exactly where he is going, but it is likely that he is programmed to save his daughter, Bonney, & more about this will be revealed as the story moves forward. For now, One Piece is certainly continuing in brilliant fashion & the Egghead Isl& arc, though probably short, goes down as one of the very best in the story.

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