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The 6 Bodies Of Vegapunk, Explained


One Piece is currently in its Egghead Isl& arc & Oda, the author of the series, is delivering what appears to be a very science-centered arc. After leaving Wano Country, the Straw Hat Pirates made their way to this unknown territory & were immediately greeted by one of the most important characters in the entire series who has been built up for decades now – Dr Vegapunk.

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Vegapunk was, surprisingly, revealed to be a woman at first, in One Piece 1061 & this certainly came as a surprise to most of the fans who had been led to believe that he is a man. However, One Piece 1062 made quite interesting revelations about the genius scientist of the Navy. Towards the end of the chapter, it was none other than Kaku who explained that Vegapunk actually has more than one body. In fact, he has to have a total of seven bodies & has split himself into six of them.


Why Vegapunk Has 6 Bodies

Vegapunk's real body

Vegapunk is known to be a genius & the most intelligent person in the entire world. He was born on an isl& in the Gr& Line called Karakuri Isl&. On this isl& is a city known as Baldimore, which is known to be Vegapunk’s hometown. It is also the same place where Franky was sent by Kuma in the aftermath of Sabaody Archipelago, shortly before the Summit War. Immediately, it was made known to fans that Vegapunk was a born genius & that his mind was 500 years ahead of the rest of the human race. Even though he was quite young at the time & lacked funding, Vegapunk had made several cyborgs on the isl&.

What’s more, he had also managed to create an AC for the entire isl& that controlled its temperature. For some reason, he ended up ab&oning his projects on the isl& & then joined forces with the likes of Queen, Judge, & Caesar at some point, creating the MADS. Eventually, he ended up being arrested by the Navy & has, since then, been working for them. This is also down to the fact that they have great amounts of funding for him & is, thus, the only organization where he can actually put his brain to use. The Navy are quite an ambitious organization &, as such, Vegapunk has been made to work tirelessly over the years. The many inventions that he has Approach up with have helped them tremendously. As such, he is quite a busy man & in order for him to work on several projects at once, he decided to split himself up into several satellite bodies which all seem to be controlled by one main body.

Vegapunk’s First Three Bodies

Vegapunk's bodies Edison one piece 1065

Upon his very introduction in the series, VegaPunk was referred to as an old man, however, in Egghead Isl&, things proved to be different. The first body of Dr. Vegapunk that was revealed to the fans was that of a woman. In One Piece 1062, this body was revealed to be named Lilith. Lilith is the evil part of Dr. Vegapunk & this body is the manifestation of all of the malevolent behaviors present in both humans in general & Dr. Vegapunk specifically as well. Upon meeting the Straw Hat Pirates, she dem&ed that the crew give her all their valuables & leave immediately. As seen in the chapter, Lilith is satellite number 02 of Dr. Vegapunk. Shortly afterwards, fans were also introduced to satellite 01 of the genius scientist, called Shaka. While Lilith is a manifestation of evil, Shaka is the manifestation of logic & goodness by the looks of it.

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Upon finding out that Lilith was once again robbing people, Shaka suggested that she bring the Straw Hat Pirates to him & he has since then been dropping major information bombs on the crew. He also seems to be quite insightful as he could tell that Zoro & Robin, among the other members of the crew, were ready to strike & that Lilith had underestimated them. Later on in the chapter, fans got to see Vegapunk’s satellite 05, named Atlas. Atlas is the manifestation of wrath & violence, which was very apparent from her meeting with Luffy. Evidently, every single satellite of Dr Vegapunk has a different personality & embodies a different emotion.

The Remaining Bodies Of Dr. Vegapunk

Atlas & Vegapunk

As mentioned by Kaku, Vegapunk has split himself into six bodies &, slowly, fans have been introduced to all of them. The first ones to make their way into the story were Shaka, Lilith, & Atlas. The other three remaining bodies of Vegapunk include Edison, Pythagoras, & York. Edison is, from what Kaku revealed, a visionary, & embodies the thinking personality. It is this very body where all the major ideas that Vegapunk gets stem from. More than likely, Edison is male, but appears to have robotic modifications done on his body. Pythagoras, on the other h&, embodies wisdom. As such, this body is likely to be the most mature & knowledgeable of all. Just like the real Pythagoras, this body is also likely going to have a genius mind, although that can be said for every other body of the Navy scientist as well.

Finally, York is the last remaining satellite of Dr. Vegapunk &, from what the story mentions, this body embodies desire. York was introduced recently to the fans & she mostly just eats, sleeps, & uses the bathroom so the rest of the Vegapunk bodies don’t have to. While she hasn’t been seen doing much, she is certainly a genius in her own right & will most likely play a bigger role moving forward. Finally, there is the main body of Dr. Vegapunk that the fans were introduced to very recently In the story. Dr. Vegapunk’s main body is active & all the six satellites that he has created are manifestations of his different personalities. He once had a massive brain, thanks to the powers of the Nomi Nomi no Mi. This brain kept growing & allowed him to retain incredible amounts of information, which made Vegapunk, a born genius, a massive library with incredible information. Since his head was growing too Huge, Vegapunk decided to create the six satellite bodies, all of which are connected to his giant brain, known as Punk Records. At the end of every day, all the satellites connect to Punk Records & upload all the data & sync together with the main brain, giving Vegapunk all the information that he needs & also granting him time to be as efficient as he needs to be.

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