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Most Cathartic Moments In The Anime


One Piece is an anime based on the world of pirates. It st&s as one of the most popular anime in the shonen genre. Centered around Luffy, a man who vows to become the Pirate King, adventures of all kinds occur. Conversely, even though 24 years have passed since the death of Gol D. Roger, the former Pirate King, no other individual has claimed that title by reaching the last isl& on the Gr& Line, Laugh Tale.

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The protagonist, Luffy, sets out to become the Pirate King. On his journey, he recruits crewmates with different goals, but they are still focused on helping him fulfill his dream. The One Piece series sheds light on different social, economic, & moral issues a society may face. In the series, Luffy & crew have faced sudden emotional moments that have led to positive changes in their lives & those around them.


5/5 Nothing Happened

Zoro From One Piece In Blood

During the early part of the One Piece series, the crew in the Thriller Bark arc experienced a wild adventure. In this arc, the Straw Hats Approach across a ship Huge enough to be an isl& owned by the former Warlord, Gecko Moria. Luffy & crew had to defeat him because he used his devil fruit, the Shadow-Shadow fruit, to steal the shadows of countless individuals in the hope of creating a strong army.

After defeating Moria, the Warlord known as Bartholomew Kuma arrives on the isl& to eliminate the exhausted Straw Hats. Following the instructions of the World Government, Kuma tries to capture a sleeping Luffy. At this moment, Zoro tries to stop him, but the difference in their strength is clear, & in exchange for his bravery, Kuma offers him a deal. Further, he told him to take all the pain Luffy had endured & suffered in his battle with Gecko Moria. Zoro receiving the pain & burdens of his captain solidified his stance even more as a loyal & trustworthy vice-captain of the Straw Hats.

4/5 Zoro Losing To Mihawk

Zoro Fights World Strongest Man

Prior to Sanji becoming a crew member, Luffy tried to persuade him to join them. Sanji was before working as a cook at Baratie; coincidentally, Don Krieg, a notorious pirate from East Blue, had escaped from the Gr& Line after Mihwak, the Strongest Swordsman chased him.

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Zoro met Mihawk & challenged him to a duel to see how wide the gap was between him & the world’s strongest. In this encounter, Zoro’s loss was inevitable, but after losing the duel, Mihawk encouraged him to try to surpass him. Although feeling humiliated & sad by this defeat, Zoro vowed to Luffy that he would never lose again. The pain he felt at this moment motivated him to continue to chase his dream while ensuring that he had the resolve & strength never to lose again.

3/5 Usopp Leaving The Crew

Usopp apologizing for leaving the crew

Another cathartic moment was when Usopp, the crew’s sniper, left the crew in the Water 7 arc. Usopp met the Straw Hats, made up of Luffy, Zoro, & Nami, on his home isl&, Syrup Village. The crew helped him save his friend, Kaya, from Captain Kuro, who tried to steal her fortune. After doing this, he joined the Straw Hats, & Kaya gifted the crew a ship known as the Going Merry.

The crew faced various adventures & near-death experiences with the ship, & Usopp helped patch her up each time. When they reached Water 7, the Going Merry was examined, & they received the news that it would not be able to sail again. Usopp, reluctant to leave the Merry behind, insulted his captain & dueled him for it. After this incident, Usopp left the crew; however, at the end of the Enies Lobby arc, he apologized to Luffy for his words & begged to be accepted back into the crew. Usopp’s experience here taught him to respect the captain & his decisions.

2/5 The Sabaody Archipelago Incident

Luffy Fighting Kuma At Sabaody

The final isl& before entering the New World posed a challenge initially for the Straw Hats. All pirates that want to go to the New World need to coat their ship, or else they will sink. This is because the entrance into the New World is underneath the Red Line, meaning ships had to be coated in resin from the Mangrove trees on the isl&, which covers the ships in a bubble-looking solution.

Unfortunately for the Straw Hats, the marine soldiers were ordered to go to the isl& because Silver Rayleigh, the vice-captain of the Roger Pirates, was about to be sold on the slave market. Luffy & the crew Approach up against an Admiral, Kizaru, who defeated the crew easily, displaying their weakness. So, Admiral Kizaru was about to kill everyone on the crew; but the intervention of Bartholomew Kuma prevented this. He sent everyone to different isl&s. This incident was a dark moment that helped everyone underst& the need to become stronger if they were to continue their adventures.

1/5 Ace’s Death

Ace Death Luffy Crying

After the incident at Sabaody, Luffy was sent to the isl& of the pirate empress, Boa Hancock. On this isl&, he learned about the proposed execution of his brother Ace. Similarly, when Admiral Kizaru was attacking the Straw Hats, Ace traced down Teach (later known as Blackbeard). He was a former crewmate who was on the run for killing a comm&ing captain of the Whitebeard pirates. Ace lost the battle with Blackbeard, who delivered him to the marines, who were set to execute him.

Luffy & the Whitebeard pirates stormed Marineford to prevent the execution in the Paramount War arc. The attempt to rescue Ace resulted in the Paramount War between the pirates & the Marines. When it seemed like Ace was rescued, Admiral Akainu killed him, making Luffy wail & pass out. Losing his brother encouraged him to get stronger, so he would not have to lose anyone again due to his weakness.

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