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One Piece Reveals Another Survivor Of Ohara Tragedy

The tragedy of Ohara is one of the most significant incidents in the One Piece series. It took place 22 years prior to the current timeline when the scholars of Ohara managed to successfully decipher the Poneglyphs. The scholars, led by Clover, were shocked to learn about the existence of an ancient kingdom, that existed many centuries ago. Before the scholars got an opportunity to share their findings, they were stopped by the World Government.

The organization found out that the scholars had a major “crime.” The World Government has banned the reading of Poneglyphs as they could not destroy them. So, reading them is considered a Huge transgression, & the punishment is severe. At Clover’s behest, Sp&ine called the Five Elders. Clover talked to them & disclosed parts of what they had discovered. The Five Elders, however, ordered him to be shot before he could reveal the name of the ancient kingdom. This led to the Buster Call in which all the scholars were rounded up & killed. The citizens of Ohara were evacuated on a ship, but that was destroyed by Akainu. Needless to say, Robin would have been killed too if Aokiji hadn’t decided to spare her.


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The Other Survivor

For a long time, fans were led to believe that Robin was the sole survivor of the Ohara massacre, but the information in One Piece Chapter 1066 suggests otherwise. As Shaka talked to the Straw Hats, he started to divulge information about the events that took place 22 years ago. In a flashback that was mainly dominated by Dragon, there were a few panels about a person, who had apparently survived the bloodbath that took place in Ohara. This person was none other than Jaguar D. Saul. Before the events of Ohara, Saul left the Marines. It was fate that brought him to Ohara, where Robin took care of him & the two developed a great bond.

When the Buster Call was initiated, Saul tried to help Robin get away but despite his best attempts, he failed & ended up being frozen by Aokiji using a technique known as “Time Capsule.” It became widely accepted that Saul was no longer alive, but the latest chapter changed everything. Shaka revealed that when Vegapunk visited Ohara, he saw giants. Vegapunk’s first impression was that they might be trying to destroy whatever was left of the library, but on closer inspection, he found that these giants were working together to pull out the books that the scholars had tried to protect. In order to read the books, Vegapunk traveled to Elbaf & met Saul, who was wrapped in b&ages. Seeing Saul in b&ages surprised some fans, as he was only frozen by Aokiji. However, it is entirely possible that the increase in temperature caused by the cannonballs possibly thawed him out & left him with burn marks.

Saul’s Role In The Series

Robin talks about Saul

The details that have emerged about Saul change a lot of things. Toward the end of the Wano Country arc, Eustass Kid mentioned that he knows about the man with burn marks, & this information gives him the edge over Luffy. Many theories were devised that covered the possible identity of the mystery man. With the confirmation that Saul is alive, it is very likely that he is the man that Kid was talking about. Saul would have burn marks from all the damage that he took during the Buster Call, or it is possible that Aokiji’s attacks left him with a scar that resembles a burn. Considering Akainu received a huge scar on the right side of his neck from fighting Aokiji, it is entirely plausible that Saul’s scars were formed in the same way.

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As stated by Shaka, Vegapunk met Saul in Elbaf, which means that the giant could still be there. This would perfectly align with the theory of the Straw Hats traveling to the country of the giants. Considering the fact that Saul’s existence has been brought up in the Egghead Isl& arc, it is very probable that the next destination of the Straw Hats could be Elbaf, which holds numerous secrets of its own. Many theorists speculate that the arc will be focused on Usopp, who seems to adore giants.

The Elbaf arc will also be important to Nico Robin, as she will finally meet the person, who gave her the will to survive, especially when almost everyone treated her as a monster. After the tragedy of Ohara, a bounty of 79 million berries was put on Nico Robin’s head. Every house that took her in only wanted to h& her over to the Marines & take the money for themselves. Robin was continuously on the run until she met Crocodile, who offered her protection in exchange for her ability to read the Poneglyphs. Needless to say, without Saul’s words of encouragement, Robin would have completely lost her will to live & yielded to the World Government. The reunion between Saul & Robin will truly be emotional & unquestionably bring a tear to many eyes. For now, fans will be hoping that the next One Piece chapter will disclose more information about the ancient kingdom.

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