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Online accredited psychology degree

You may be a good candidate for a bachelor’s degree in psychology if you enjoy being a compassionate listener and making a difference in people’s lives. The bachelor of arts in psychology teaches subjects such as mental health and behavioral patterns and focuses on the human mind.

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Graduates of online bachelor’s degree programs in psychology can find careers in a number of fields. Those interested in becoming therapists or psychologists are required to earn a master’s degree in psychology or a doctorate in psychology.

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, students can pursue a wide range of career options. Graduates may also be eligible for career opportunities in management and business. Take a look at the best online psychology degrees and discover what you can do with a psychology undergraduate degree online.

Online accredited psychology degree
Online accredited psychology degree, Online accredited psychology degree

Is it Possible to Earn a Psychology Bachelor’s Degree Online?

An online program in psychology can be rewarding if you are interested in learning what makes people tick. An online bachelor’s degree in psychology offers students the chance to acquire skills they can apply in a wide range of career areas.

Psychology programs generally include a number of laboratory courses and elective courses. Typically, a candidate must complete 120 credits in a four-year program. Your strengths and long-term goals should play a role in what you choose to study for a psychology degree online.

A prospective student may have the option of choosing between a bachelor’s of science or a bachelor’s of arts in psychology. Bachelor of Science degrees require more science, mathematics, and computer courses. The most common courses include statistics, chemistry, and biology. This degree is ideally suited to students seeking careers in healthcare or psychological research.

Considering that a bachelor’s of arts in psychology degree focuses more on liberal arts, it may be more flexible. Humanities, social sciences, and arts courses can combine to form a bachelor’s degree. Social workers and managers are among the possible careers for graduates.

In some online psychology bachelor’s programs, students can choose to concentrate in specific areas. Some of the more popular specializations include general psychology, clinical psychology, addiction counseling, behavioral psychology, and organizational psychology.

How will I learn psychology in an online bachelor’s program?

With an online psychology bachelor’s degree, you can expect both coursework and lab work. In addition to providing students with a chance to apply theory outside the classroom, internships also allow them to explore different career paths in psychology. In general, students are instructed in research, human development, and general psychology.

Social Psychology

The concepts and theories of social psychology are taught to students in this course. Participants identify common patterns and contrastive characteristics among the theories. As students develop critical thinking skills, they learn how to critique and analyze theories. By analyzing empirical questions and creating studies, this course demonstrates how researchers use different approaches.

Human Development

This course focuses on the nexus between human biology and psychology as it explores concepts such as neural development, emotions, memory, and consciousness. Learners gain an understanding of emotion, behavior, and cognition after studying the structure of the brain and the neural systems.

Sensation and Perception

Throughout this course, we investigate the relationship between sensation and perception. As learners explore the five senses, they become familiar with the way that sensory pathways affect the way humans perceive the world around them. Students will study perception and sensation both from a psychophysical and physiological viewpoint, as well as from an organizational viewpoint.

Criminal Psychology and Behavior

As part of their studies, students will learn about several crime theories, including violent crimes, psychopaths, and the connections between mental disorders and crime. Additionally, these courses examine risk factors for criminal behavior, as well as policies aimed at preventing crime. Students will also be exposed to psychological profiling and case study analysis.

Introduction to Addiction Theories

A student who takes this course learns about how substances like drugs and alcohol affect the brain. The focus is on understanding the characteristics and complexities of addictions, as well as their role in society’s vision of the disease and addiction. Other topics discuss the history of drug policy and recent laws that have been passed.

How Can I Use a Bachelor’s in Psychology Degree Online?

There might be a question in your mind as to what a psychology degree can do for you. A degree in psychology earned online can lead to a variety of career paths. There are numerous career options without graduate degrees even though nearly half of undergraduates with a degree in psychology go on to earn an advanced degree.

As of 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that a large percentage of psychology graduates in the U.S. work in management, social services, education, and in office and administrative positions. A bachelor’s degree in psychology earns a median salary of $48,000.

Managing Cases

A case manager identifies needs among specific populations, such as veterans, elderly people, and homeless people. Their roles usually fall under social service programs or non-profit agencies. Their responsibilities consist of coordinating programs and supervising agencies.

Salary median: $69,600

Advertisers take into account the psychology behind human behavior when creating and selling advertisements for individuals or businesses. During meetings with clients and working in teams, advertising agents must demonstrate excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Some ad agencies create presentations and deliver them to clients.

Salary median: $54,940

Working as a social worker

An entry-level social worker position is available to graduates with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. In addition to maintaining a caseload, social workers must assess each client’s individual needs and construct action plans to help them overcome adversity. Children and older adults are typical target populations for social workers.

Salary median: $51,760

Researcher of marketing

A market researcher studies consumer behavior, market analysis, and other theories of marketing to determine the potential success of a product or service. Market researchers must have knowledge of the market as well as the ability to collect and interpret market data.

Salary median: $65,810

As a journalist

A journalist investigates stories, interviews sources, and writes high-quality, well-researched pieces. A good journalist develops relationships with potential sources and experts and must be able to communicate in writing and speaking.

Salary median: $48,300

The Best Online Bachelor’s in Psychology Programs

  • Eastern Washington University
  • The Baptist College of Florida
  • University of Utah
  • Trine University
  • University of Florida
  • University of Central Florida
  • Florida International University
  • Arizona State University – Skysong
  • University of Illinois at Springfield

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