The Case for an Outriders Sequel


Outriders may have had a mixed reception, but People Can Fly’s online-only ARPG deserves to have a follow-up title for several key reasons.


The online cooperative RPG may have enticed players with its interesting sci-fi premise & strong visuals before launch, but Outriders didn’t manage to stick the l&ing the way People Can Fly & Square Enix had hoped. With a release that was plagued with bugs & server issues that made the online-only game almost inaccessible, Outriders quickly established itself as a bit of a disappointment despite some other strong aspects of its gameplay. Improvements have been made since its 2021 release, & many fans are hoping that there’s still enough life left in the IP for a sequel.


It can be hard to turn a title’s fortunes around after such a rocky start, & it’s definitely true that there are some areas Outriders still needs to work on, but thanks to the New Horizon update & the Worldslayer expansion, the game is in much better shape now than it was at launch. The work that the developer has done on Outriders since it was released has helped to pave the way for a sequel, & that’s definitely something the game deserves.

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Outriders’ Unanswered Questions

outriders worldslayer

Although the world of Enoch & its incredibly hostile inhabitants was an interesting new setting to explore, many felt that the characters & the story were some of the weaker elements of Outriders‘ gameplay. The narrative had good bones, with an intriguing hook, a mysterious new planet to call home, & some in-depth lore centered around an alien race & its unexpectedly complicated history with humanity. The worldbuilding & creature designs were also compelling, but there were still some hefty plot holes & awkward exchanges that kept Outriders‘ narrative from being great.

At the end of the base game’s story & the additional section provided by the Worldslayer expansion’s campaign, players are left with quite a few questions that are lacking answers. The Anomaly remains a fairly mysterious phenomenon, there’s still a lot to unpack regarding the nature of the Pax & the Ferals, & humanity’s future on Enoch is anything but certain, so there are definitely a few narrative avenues that a sequel could explore. As the story was one of the things that ended up pulling Outriders‘ overall experience down, a sequel would also be a chance to right this wrong & make improvements where they’re needed most.

Developing Outriders’ Gameplay

outriders new horizon

Story problems aside, it’s undeniable that Outriders can be a really fun game to play. There are plenty of options when it comes to how gamers can approach combat, what characters they build, & how they combine their abilities with other players to take on Outriders‘ roster of enemies. The action is fast-paced, at times frantic, & endlessly engaging. The gameplay loop is pretty satisfying as well & with new dimensions to the progression systems implemented in post-launch updates, Outriders has continued to evolve & offer something different to players that have stuck with it since its release.

The developer’s repeated assurance that Outriders is not a live-service game means that fans won’t have any controversial microtransactions to deal with, but they also won’t have a stream of new content to look forward to post-launch, either. A sequel would be a great way to work on what Outriders didn’t do so well the first time, level up the enjoyable aspects of the gameplay, & open up the world of Enoch to even more areas for players to explore. There were so many things that Outriders did right, & creating a new experience for gamers that builds on what the first game introduced would be the perfect way to establish its legacy as a solid ARPG & banish the memory of its less-than-ideal launch.

Outriders is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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