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Overwatch 2 Player Shows Hilarious Battle Mercy ‘Meta’ in Action


Overwatch 2 Player Shows Hilarious Battle Mercy Meta in Action

The DPS potential of Mercy in Overwatch 2 was on full display in a recent video uploaded to social media by one gamer. While there is no shortage of clips on the internet of battle Mercy players in action, this one stood out because their teammate decided to Nano Boost them.

Mercy is one of the original support heroes from Overwatch 1, & as a result, many gamers have associated her with healing teammates. While these support abilities, which have changed somewhat over the years, are effective, some gamers are less aware of her potential to output DPS when using her Valkyrie Ultimate. Beyond being able to fly, it enhances her other abilities, including the damage dealt by her Caduceus Blaster. Recently, one gamer showed just how powerful this blaster could be in Overwatch 2.


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These clips showing the effectiveness of battle Mercy were shared on TikTok by a user known as heyitsmoosh. In the video, they claimed to have found “the funniest meta in Overwatch.” According to the TikTok user, this meta was called the “Nano Mercy.” As the name suggested, it consisted of Mercy being Nano Boosted by Ana.

The first of the two clips of this “meta” in action was on Oasis, a Control map in Overwatch 2. The gameplay began from the POV of the Mercy player, as they asked their Ana teammate if they were ready. After receiving confirmation, the Mercy player activated Valkyrie & was then Nano Boosted. Using the damage-boosting effects of Ana’s Ultimate, they whipped out their Caduceus Blaster & started unloading on the opposing team. While using the flight ability from Valkyrie, they were able to pick up three eliminations on the enemy team. This clip was followed by one on Dorado, once again showing off the effectiveness of the Nano Mercy strategy.

While this new supposed “meta” discovered by heyitsmoosh was doubtlessly entertaining, it likely would not be sustainable at higher ranks as advanced players would probably be able to work together to pick off the Nano-Boosted Mercy player. In fact, the TikTok user pointed this out in the post’s title, writing, “don’t try this in high elo lol.” Nevertheless, it is a solid strategy for those looking to capture some impressive Overwatch 2 highlights.

As this clip showing off Nano Mercy evidenced, many team compositions & strategies are possible in Overwatch 2. With Ramattra being added in Season 2 in only a few weeks, the amount of playable heroes in the game is about to grow to 36. This large variety of characters for support, damage, & tank roles means that gamers are likely to continue to find new strategies & hero combinations that could become meta in the weeks ahead.

Overwatch 2 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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