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Why Doomfist is so Weak in Overwatch 2’s Current Meta


In the recent meta of Overwatch 2, tank heroes have seen a major buff, with characters like D.va, Zarya, & Sigma ranking near the top of the heap among all playable heroes. The one notable exception to this relative power buff has been Doomfist, who has fallen to arguably his worst state since the debut of Overwatch 2. Doomfist was once a versatile & strong pick, but as he currently st&s he is an unviable option unless the team builds around him, or he is played by someone with incredible individual skill.


While Doomfist could certainly use tweaks to his kit, his fall from the top has more to do with Overwatch 2‘s team composition than anything else. Doomfist was hit the hardest by the change of lowering from six players to five in each game.

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Doomfist Has Never Been a True Tank

Mercy Healing Winston inside a bubble Overwatch 2

Doomfist started off his life in Overwatch as a DPS character, & despite the efforts to switch him over to the tank role in Overwatch 2, never fully made the transition. Oddly enough, Doomfist has one of the highest base health points in the game, but only his passive ability & Power Block offer him any survivability. Contrast these abilities with his large hitbox & the need for tanks to stay relatively immobile in modes like Push, & it’s clear why Doomfist isn’t tailored for success in the current state of the game. He is often compared to Winston, another mobile tank, but Winston remains a viable tank option due to his ability to peel & shield his team & an ultimate to bail him out of sticky situations.

Since there is now only a single tank on each team, in order for a pick to be viable, they have to be able to provide protection to not just themselves but the entire team. Using a tank like Reinhardt will always be a sound option for modes like Escort, Push, & Control since the team can use Reinhardt as a genuine damage soak, hiding behind his massive shield to protect themselves. Doomfist’s Power Block ability, by contrast, is relatively selfish in that it only really protects Doomfist & even does a lackluster job in that regard.

Doomfist Presents a Positional Conundrum

Reinhardt pushing with Lucio healing Overwatch 2

Far & away the most complex problem with Doomfist is how difficult it is for teams to position around him. It’s been argued that other characters like Reinhardt are less effective than they were before Overwatch 2, but it’s inarguable that most teams can at least grasp how to play around a Reinhardt pick. It’s painfully simple: st& behind the shield. Unfortunately, Doomfist is on the total opposite end of the spectrum, as his mobility hurts his own team. Since his defensive abilities are, by definition, self-centered, there is no convincing reason to position the team around Doomfist. In the end, adding Doomfist to a team ends up creating an everyone-for-themselves sort of situation.

When it comes to support characters like Mercy, Doomfist presents an even more complicated problem. If the support characters attempt to keep up with Doomfist, they’re at risk of straying too far from their DPS & other support, but if they don’t stick to Doomfist, his lack of survivability means that he’ll be eliminated with ease. An obvious solution would be to build around Doomfist in a dive-focused composition, but without any ability like Winston’s bubble, diving with a Doomfist-centered composition is an endeavor that is destined to fail. After the initial engagement, a team with Doomfist as their tank has nothing adding to their survivability as the enemy team pops their ultimates & other abilities.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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