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Funny Overwatch 2 Clip Shows D.Va Use Her Ult As a Distraction to Win Game


Funny Overwatch 2 Clip Shows DVa Use Her Ult As a Distraction to Clutch Game

Recently, one Overwatch 2 gamer pulled off a sneaky play of the game using D.Va’s self-destructing mech as a distraction. While D.Va players have captured some incredible clips with the hero’s Ultimate ability, this latest highlight reveals that it can be used effectively in more ways than one in Overwatch 2.

The clip in question took place on the Busan map during a battle in the Sanctuary section. Playing as D.Va in Overwatch 2, a gamer known in-game as Mieunel earned play of the game after getting a quadruple kill. However, the way in which they accomplished this was somewhat unexpected, to say the least.


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This play of the game on the Busan map started with Mieunel using their Boosters to fly toward the objective. As the D.Va player approached the enemy team surrounding the point, they ejected from their mech & activated Self-Destruct. With the soon-to-explode mech sitting just outside the objective, the enemy team ran behind the giant ornamental object in the middle of the area for cover.

Unfortunately for the opposing team, the Zarya player on Mieunel’s team was ready & deployed their Graviton Surge. With the enemy trapped in the gravity well, the D.Va player took the opportunity to call in a new mech. While the opposing team survived the detonating mech, they could not escape the new one being called in from above, securing Mieunel a quadruple kill. In addition to outsmarting the enemy team, the intense circumstances of the play made it even more impressive; it was the third & final round, with both teams at 99% in overtime.

Mieunel found the clip amusing when posting it on Reddit, as they titled it, “thought this was pretty funny.” It seems many members of the Overwatch 2 community agreed with the D.Va player, as the play of the game has already gained more than 2.3K upvotes & dozens of comments. Among the discussion, some gamers highlighted the effectiveness of calling in a new mech, claiming they had gotten more eliminations that way compared to using the Self-Destruct Ultimate. Furthermore, others said they did not expect the twist at the end of the clip. “Just when I thought this is another boring 6k with dva ult, BONK,” one user said.

While clips like this suggest that D.Va will continue to be a popular pick, it is worth noting that the hero recently received a slight nerf. On November 17, Blizzard released a patch for Overwatch 2 that nerfed a number of heroes, including D.Va. While the changes were relatively minor compared to some characters, they were still notable. Among the changes, the spread for her Fusion Cannons was increased from 3.5 to 3.75, while the impact damage from her Boosters was reduced from 25 to 15. However, her Call Mech Ultimate cost was decreased by 12%. Time will tell how these changes, along with those made to other characters, impact her pick rate.

Overwatch 2 is available in early access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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