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Complete Guide to Heroes (And Other Tips & Tricks)


This complete guide for Overwatch 2 will help new players Advance to grips with all of the Heroes.

Overwatch 2: Complete Guide to Heroes (And Other Tips & Tricks)

With over 30 playable Heroes to choose from in Overwatch 2, many players might struggle to find the one character that suits their specific playstyle. Each Hero has several distinct abilities & skills that can take time to master. Add that to the fact that players will need to learn every Hero’s skills so that they can counter them at the right time in a heated fight.

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Updated on November 16, 2022: Our complete guide for Overwatch 2 finally has ‘how to play’ guides for all the current heroes available in the game. Other heroes are on the horizon, so we’ll make sure to update as they get released, but for now, this is up-to-date. We’ve removed the section on the Halloween Terror event since it’s now over.

That’s where this guide comes into play. By using our complete Overwatch 2 Hero guide, players of the team-based hero shooter will learn the ins & outs of all the playable Heroes. And as Blizzard continues to add heroes to the game over time, this guide will be updated with fresh information for our readers. And, of course, this guide doesn’t just have play guides for the Heroes –there are also some guides on need-to-know information, like how to unlock all Overwatch 2 characters & how to get Overwatch coins.

  • Hero Guides


    We’re putting this section right in the front of the Overwatch 2 guide directory because knowing how to play at least one Hero is crucial to winning matches. Each of our Overwatch 2 guides will go over the character’s playstyle, abilities, counters, advantages, & general tips & tricks. Each Hero will be split into a certain section based on their role.

  • General Tips, Tricks, & Best Heroes

    overwatch 2 funny messages during account merge

    New players looking for some help can check out this section. It has tips & tricks for Overwatch 2 beginners & guides on the best DPS Heroes, best Tanks, & more.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Overwatch 2 complete guide 3

    There’s been a lot of confusion when it comes to Overwatch 1 players transferring their stuff over to Overwatch 2. There’s also the question of how to earn in-game currency, set up SMS protection, & other little things like that. This section will Respond all of those questions (& more).


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