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Overwatch 2 Confirms New Login Rewards & Black Friday Sale


With Black Friday on approach, Blizzard announces sales on In-Game items, bundles, & offers new login rewards for players during specific dates.

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Blizzard confirmed a new Black Friday sale on the in-game store for Overwatch 2 as well as new login rewards for players who access the game at specific dates. Almost two months after Overwatch 2 launched, there’s been plenty of controversy from DDoS attacks, server issues, gameplay problems, & bugs, it hasn’t always been the smoothest ride for players. Thankfully, Blizzard is fully aware of these issues & has offered fans various free rewards as a way to say thanks for playing.


Following the rough launch of Overwatch 2, Blizzard offered players a free “Cursed Captain Reaper” Legendary skin & the Health Pack weapon charm just for logging in before the end of Season 1. However, the game’s in-game store has also been a source of frustration largely due to the higher than expected prices for many of the skins on offer. With Black Friday approaching, Blizzard is using the opportunity to give players the ability to acquire items for much less than usual, as well as another thank you reward for everyone who logs in.

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Through the Overwatch 2 Twitter account, Blizzard provided a graphic of upcoming plans for content over the Thanksgiving & Black Friday weekend. First, all players can nab some free content just for logging in starting on November 22 & running through the 27, players who log in can earn a unique Junker Queen Highlight Intro. Then, from November 27 to Dec 2, players can get their h&s on a free Kiriko Highlight Intro.

For those who want more free Overwatch 2 stuff, they’ll want to head to Twitch where they can watch specific streams for a set amount of time to earn the Mitzi Weapon charm & Lions Drink Souvenir. These drops will be available now through the end of November. A special Double XP Weekend also kicks off on Thanksgiving, running through the weekend when it ends on November 28.

Finally, to address the Overwatch 2 fan issues with the high in-store microtransaction costs, Blizzard is slashing prices through November 29. No details have been provided, but fans should continue to check the in-game store where various items will be available for reduced prices. In addition, the Watchpoint Pack bundle is also 40% off through November 28 which comes with virtual currency, & a bundle of skins.

These moves should please the fans, especially as Season 1 winds down. Blizzard is likely hoping the positive momentum will help the game prior to the start of Season 2, which introduces the new tank class character Ramattra, a new battle pass, hero balancing, & plenty more.

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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