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Overwatch 2 Player Uses Orisa Ult to Pull Enemies Off Eichenwalde Bridge

Overwatch 2 Player Uses Orisa Ult to Pull Enemies Off Eichenwalde Bridge

An Overwatch 2 player gets three environmental kills by using Orisa’s Terra Surge Ultimate to pull their opponents off the Eichenwalde bridge. Though the player sacrifices their own life to make the play, getting three kills for the trouble seems like a fair trade.

Eichenwalde bridge is a precarious area for Overwatch 2 players. If they’re not careful, any opposing character with crowd control abilities & a good angle may take the chance at a clever environmental kill. Even with Orisa’s new Javelin ability, she is not one of the first characters players may think of when it comes to getting an environmental kill. That is what makes this Play of the Game so impressive, even if it came at the expense of the Orisa player.


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Posted to the r/Overwatch2 subreddit, MD_Tarnished looks to be playing at a disadvantage in this open queue game. With four players surrounding them at the end of the Eichenwalde bridge, they jump on the triangular wall, use Terra Surge, & slide off the bridge. Both of these decisions would be seen as extremely unwise in this situation, but the player turns it around in the most Incredible way.

The Terra Surge manages to pull in four enemies: Zenyatta, D.Va, Roadhog, & Hanzo. The D.Va uses her rocket boosters to escape but the other three comically fall into the ravine behind Orisa. Given the losing situation, this unconventional & desperate act in Overwatch 2 pays off in the most hilarious way possible.

Other players in the comments mention seeing other Orisa players attempt similar plays with disastrous results. One spoke of seeing two opposing Orisas trying the same move at Ilios Well with nothing but embarrassment & a lonely death Weep to show for it. The Terra Surge ultimate is a mixed bag; players can either manage to keep their distance as Orisa winds up for the slam, get a slightly annoying amount of damage taken if she doesn’t get to the full 400% charge, or get plenty of time to walk out of the slam radius.

Wishing for an environmental kill is not the smartest play in the book, & its success rate is probably low. However, Terra Surge itself isn’t a great ultimate with the many mobile characters in Overwatch 2 that can get out of the slam radius before getting to its full charge & the ult making her into a very loud statue. Orisa players have to get creative with Terra Surge to get good value out of it.

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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