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Overwatch 2 Patch Given New Release Date


After a last-minute delay to the next Overwatch 2 patch, Blizzard announces the new hero balance patch release date that will bring Mei back.

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The scheduled Overwatch 2 patch that was set for November 15 will now release on November 17. Blizzard shared the new date by updating the forum post that had originally announced the delay.

Hours before it was expected to go live, Blizzard revealed that it had to delay the November 15 Overwatch 2 patch update due to a “critical issue.” No specifics were given, but it left players in limbo as to how long they would have to wait for the patch update. Blizzard has quickly identified & resolved the issue & will release the patch earlier than some fans might have expected.


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The next hero balance & content patch for Overwatch 2 will go live on November 17 at 2 PM ET, 11 AM PT. This patch will bring Mei back to Overwatch 2 after a lengthy absence due to a bug with her Ice Wall. This patch will also introduce balance updates to Genji, Zarya, Sombra, D.Va, & Kiriko. The changes to D.Va & Kiriko are being considered minor in comparison to the nerfs that the other characters are getting.

This mid-season patch will also include core content updates & unspecified bug fixes, as well as rewards & viewership incentives from the Overwatch League Playoffs, which include sprays name cards, icons, some Overwatch League skins, & other related shop items. The daily & weekly challenges & the store refresh went through as planned.

Blizzard once again did not specify what the critical issue ended up being, but it was enough to jeopardize the state of the game. Given the many issues Overwatch 2 has had, taking the safe route here to address the issue was the best course of action. Overwatch 2 has already seen three heroes removed from play, & Blizzard surely did not want to test the waters by pushing out a patch update that could cause more problems.

This patch will make Mei players happy but will make Overwatch 2 Genji players upset because his nerfs may crush his effectiveness in competitive games. Sojourn, on the other h&, has been a lock in most games & fans have been asking for a nerf for that character, but she has avoided adjustments for now. Players looking for changes will have to keep an eye on the December 6 Season 2 update as the next opportunity for a Sojourn nerf. But with that update set to introduce Ramattrra, other hero balance updates may Advance even later than that.

Overwatch 2 is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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