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Overwatch 2 Needs Something Better Than Play of the Game

In its current state, it will likely be some time before Overwatch 2 fans are calling for Play of the Game changes. Right now, everyone has been more focused on the overpriced cosmetics as far as criticism is concerned, while those positive on the game are hyped for Ramattra’s upcoming release. However, as time goes on, players will likely return to criticizing the Play of the Game system in Overwatch 2.

Though the Play of the Game mechanic featured in Overwatch 2 is iconic, it is simply not a good enough representation of the entire session. In long competitive matches with multiple Huge moments & huge plays, a lot of players will have contributed, but only one player gets appreciated. This is problematic, & it only touches on part of the issue with Play of the Game. As such, though Blizzard should not delete the system completely, it should strive to improve upon it by introducing a better version.


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Overwatch 2’s Play of the Game is Unfair To Supports

Overwatch 2’s Play of the Game only highlighting one player’s contribution would be less controversial if every role had a fair chance to be nominated for the spot. Unfortunately, that is not the case, as Supports are at a natural disadvantage when the selection process rolls around. This is because the Play of the Game system prioritizes multi-kills, something that Support heroes like Lucio & Mercy almost never get. While the game should reward healers for protecting against large amounts of damage or saving someone’s life, this is sadly not the case.

This was slightly less problematic in the original Overwatch because end-of-match cards existed. After the Play of the Game, hero cards would show up that allowed players to vote for other contributors, & this is usually where a good Support was given some praise. While 15,000 healing would not result in Play of the Game, it would usually show up on a card at the very end of the match, allowing Supports to feel like they contributed. Unfortunately, Overwatch 2’s removal of this screen means that Supports almost never get the love they deserve, as the other roles are getting Play of the Game & hogging the spotlight.

What a New Overwatch 2 Play of the Game System Could Look Like

Overwatch 2, Lucio Sound Barrier

Outside the typical suggestions like reworking the logic behind the Play of the Game system so that Supports get chosen more, or bringing back the end-of-match cards, it could be nice to see Blizzard implement a highlight reel at the end of the game. With a fresh system like a highlight reel in place, every player on the winning team could have their best moment highlighted.

A highlight reel could start off like any other Play of the Game, starting off with a Tank’s Huge moment before moving through the Damage & then finally highlighting the Supports. After their hero’s highlight intro plays, gamers could see their best moment, even if it is something as simple as a huge burst of healing or a double kill. With a highlight reel, an end of match screen would be less necessary, & players would get a better idea of all the Huge moments that happened during a longer match.

While one potential criticism of a highlight reel that basically shows five play of the games in a row is that it will last too long, Blizzard would just have to make it so that players can leave as soon as it begins. After all, players will often leave right away to avoid Overwatch’s toxic “diff” messages, skipping the current Play of the Game & queuing for their next match. Because of this, having a lengthy highlight reel instead would hurt nothing, as it would only benefit players who feel like their hard work is not being appreciated with the current system. For Support mains, this is necessary, as the role has felt like more of a thankless job than ever before.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X.

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