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Overwatch 2 has made significant changes from its original version. With new game modes, heroes & maps, Overwatch 2 has finally brought some new content into a game that seriously lacked any. Alongside the various gameplay changes, Blizzard has changed how players can gain cosmetics & added some new ones into the mix.

These new cosmetic items give players more ways to customize their player profile, title & hero appearance – a staple of the Overwatch format. However, these items don’t Approach cheap, & will cost players in-game credits if they want new goodies for their favorite hero. Luckily, player titles in Overwatch 2 can be unlocked for free.


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Overwatch 2 New Cosmetics

With Overwatch 2 becoming free to play, Blizzard has had to monetize the cosmetics. This means the complete removal of all loot boxes in Overwatch 2, & all Overwatch 1 credits being turned into legacy credits – a much weaker form of currency. Making up for this however, is the new cosmetic types players can use to customize their heroes & player profile. The new cosmetic types are:

  • Charms – Charms that attach to a hero’s weapon
  • Souvenirs – Little objects that heroes can pull out in an emote
  • Name Cards – Name Cards are pieces of art that affect the player’s profile & will also be shown off at the start of ranked matches
  • Titles – Titles are subheadings that players can put under their name

Overwatch 2 Pineapple Pizza Collectible

What are Titles?

Titles are essentially little subheadings that players can put under their player name/ IGN. These titles are displayed at the start of ranked matches as well as in Play of the Games. Titles don’t really accomplish anything, they’re just there as a nice flex to other players & to add a bit more customizability to the player’s profile. Some of these titles can be quite hard to unlock, so they’re definitely one of the cosmetics players will look out for, especially if it’s a rare one.

Overwatch 2 Player Title Equip Screen

How to Unlock New Titles

Players can unlock new titles in various ways, some of which are time-limited. Players can unlock titles via:

  • Battle Pass Levels after completing the Main Battle Pass
  • Various Player Challenges

Overwatch 2 Challenges Menu

Battle Pass Titles are limited specifically to the Battle Pass & are therefore time limited. As soon as the Battle Pass for that season leaves, there won’t be another way to get said titles. Season 1’s Titles are based around the Mythic Cyber Demon Genji skin, & future battle passes are likely to follow suit. These titles are locked behind level 80 in the Battle Pass & are available at levels 85, 95, 105, 120, 135, 155, 175 & 200.

Conversely, Player Challenges offer titles to players based on various challenges they complete. These can vary from winning a certain amount of games as a support/ DPS/ tank hero to reaching a certain rank within a season. Players can find the list of challenges & their rewards in the challenge menu.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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