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All Background Choices That Influence Andreas


Pentiment is a game that aspires to tell a story. Each player will have their own experience, & follow their own path, & by the end of the game, everyone will have their own unique tale. Like a Telltale game, those who play it will live out their personal journeys as a consequence of their choices.

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In Pentiment, not only can players choose what to say in a conversation, but they can also decide what is worth doing with limited time during the day, & they can choose the main character’s background. This guide will list all available background options to help players that haven’t made a decision yet on what is best suited for them.


All Background Options

talking to big jorg

Throughout the entire playthrough, players will control Andreas, a man that has just returned from his W&erjahre. They will have the opportunity to decide where he spent his w&ering time, what he was up to, & what stayed with him after his time at university. These choices are made right at the start of the game but they will remain with the player until the end of its 15-hour playthrough.

Andreas’s Past

Right after leaving the house at the start of the game, Andreas will talk to Enormous Jorg outside – a fella curious about what Andreas was up to during his W&erjahre, before coming to Tassing. This is the first choice that the player will have to make. It’ll influence the languages that Andreas can underst& during the playthrough (he’ll able to read different texts & books) & also what kind of geographical locations he’s familiar with.

Choices Description
Basel Andreas will know some Italian & French. He can reference cultural touchstones from Basel & nearby places such as Bern, Zurich, & Freiburg.
Fl&ers Andreas will know some Dutch & French. He can reference cultural touchstones from Antwerp, Bruges, & Ghent.
Italy Andreas will know some Italian, & a little Greek. He can reference cultural touchstones from Florence, Venice, & Milan.

During the same conversation with Enormous Jorg, the player will also have to decide what Andreas was doing while at this place. This choice will influence the type of personality that Andreas has & what kind of social interactions he can have with people.

Choices Description
Hedonist Andreas seeks out pleasure wherever he goes. He’s a very social being that’s experienced in all of the enjoyable vices of the world.
Craftsman Andreas lives to work & dedicates all of his time to his art.
Bookworm Andreas spends all of his non-working free time finding & reading as many books as he possibly can.
Rapscallion Andreas is known for getting involved in petty schemes, pranks, minor crimes, & fistfights.
Businessman Andreas devotes much of his time to self-promotion, optimizing business expenses, making investments, & balancing his books.


A little later on, Andreas will have a long conversation with Baron Lorenz Rothvogel & more information about his past will be unveiled. This time the background information will regard his studies at university. First, the baron will Inquire about Andreas’s area of study—this determines what he’s specialized in.

Choices Description
Theology Andreas has a strong underst&ing of Catholic theology, biblical knowledge, canon law, heresies, & similar subjects.
Imperial Law Andreas knows the basics of the fractured system of laws that govern the various states of the Holy Roman Empire.
Medicine Andreas is familiar with the basics of human biology, medicine, & illness.

After this, Baron Lorenz Rothvogel will Inquire Andreas to name two of his favorite subjects during his time at university. This is the decision with the most complex of choices which might be why the player has to pick two from the list. This will determine the skills that Andreas has obtained & can use to his advantage during the playthrough.

Choices Description
Latinist Andreas has a strong comm& of Latin grammar & vocabulary. He can also easily recall sententiae antique, quoted words of wisdom from the Roman Republic & Empire.
Logician Andreas instinctively thinks through the implications of information as he receives it, is adept at spatial analysis, & can easily perform complicated calculations in his head.
Orator Andreas excelled at rhetoric in university. He is a skilled teacher, persuader, & public speaker.
Occultist Andreas knows a soul-endangering amount of theoretical & practical knowledge on alchemy, astrology, theurgy, necromancy, various magical rites, & ceremonies.
Heavens & Earth Andreas knows a great deal about the constellations, heavenly bodies, & their movement. He is also familiar with various plants & animals from study & personal experience

Players can have three save files at a time. They can use them & choose different backgrounds to see what other gameplay options exist & what could have happened differently in certain situations & conversations.

Gameplay Consequences

talking with nun

The various traits & specialties that Andreas has based on available options will have an impact on the game’s story. There are certain parts of Pentiment that have nothing to do with Andreas’s background & can always be accessed either way, such as finding the secret library door. However, there are other parts of the story that will depend on what Andreas is like.

Sometimes Andreas’s background will only open up new dialogue options that will lead to a fun response, but it’s also possible that they have a bigger impact on the game’s story flow & what happens next.

Some quests have more than one possible route. Andreas can try & get through the quest by using rhetoric, or his theological knowledge. Underst&ing a specific language might make things easier at a time but another instance will occur when choosing another language would’ve helped.

asking mathieu for help

During a conversation, Andreas might have to persuade certain characters & certain aspects of his background might be of help but others might actually make the task more difficult. One of the first situations in which this happens is when trying to convince Sister Illuminata to let him keep a forbidden book written in French. If he doesn’t know any French, he won’t be able to read its contents. Nevertheless, he can attempt to “rescue” the book from being destroyed.

persuading illuminata to give book

There are certain backgrounds that will certainly help persuade Sister Illuminata, such as the orator background or knowledge of theology. Choosing the other dialogue options that might not fit the target character might actually aggravate the situation & make it take a turn for the worse.

At the end of the conversation, the game will tell the player what positively & negatively influenced the discussion between the characters. So, it’s important to analyze the situation carefully & then decide what to say & what skills he should use for his own advantage.

Pentiment is available on PC, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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