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How To Find The Secret Door To The Library


For players trying to get the achievement for finding the secret door to the library in Pentiment, follow this guide for some guidance

secret library door

There is a lot to uncover during one’s playthrough of Pentiment, one of the most recent additions to Xbox’s Game Pass. Players that decide to investigate will sometimes be rewarded for their efforts. There’s an achievement in particular that requires players to find a secret door that leads to the library.

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It can be difficult to navigate in this game since some parts of the map are so extensive & there are so many doors to open & see what’s behind them. This guide will help players get to the secret library door & show them how they can open it.


Where To Find The Secret Library Door

kiersau abbey church map pentiment

It will take players around 15 hours to play through Pentiment‘s story & during this time they will navigate through a history-filled world of curiosity & mystery. Those that try to see what’s in every available nook & cranny & try to interact with anything that might look out of place, will be very satisfied to know that they might uncover a secret door to the library.

While at the Kiersau Abbey, Andreas – the main character – can explore the entire place. And, if during this time, the player finds & successfully opens the library door, they’ll receive the Cryptic Solutions achievement (worth 15 Gamerscore).

When looking at the map, it’s possible to see that the library is connected to the church area. So, the secret passage will either be in the crypt or in the tower. In the tower area there is not really anything to interact with, so the crypt is the best bet.

stone mural

Players have to enter the crypt, & then they have to keep walking to the left side of the room until they reach the end of it to locate a large stone with a figure engraved on it, with a lot of frames around it.

How To Open The Secret Library Door

taking stone key

When they get to the stone engraving, players have to press “investigate” which will open a close-up of it, allowing them to control Andreas’s h&. The puzzle is quite simple – the image displays a woman holding a baby with a key in their h&. The only thing players need to do here is press the key to pull it out of the baby’s h&s & take it. This will open the secret library door.

Pentiment is available now for PC, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S

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