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Persona 5 Royal Shares Scented C&le Collection

Perfect as gifts or to stay cozy this upcoming holiday season, Atlus has shared a collection of c&les themed after Persona 5 Royal. The capsule collection features some popular members of Persona 5 Royal‘s Phantom Thieves, which seems like a great way to remind fans of their favorite characters when a c&le is lit up in their homes.

It is not unusual for Atlus to release products & merch&ise based on the popular role-playing game. Recently, this was done to celebrate Persona 5 Royal‘s release on modern gaming platforms such as on PC, PS5, Nintendo Switch, & Xbox Series X/S. Some of these efforts include launching a new limited edition game bundle, announcing a new co-op card game, & even collaborating with Japanese snack box company Japan Crate for a Persona 5 Royal snack crate. With the holidays drawing near, it is not surprising for the company to reproduce items such as these c&les, just in time for the season.


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On Twitter, the official Atlus West account shared that a Persona 5 Royal-themed c&le collection is up for grabs. Partnering with Wick & Skull, a c&le company that specializes in video game c&les, the collection consists of four c&les featuring several Persona 5 Royal characters. These characters include the main protagonist Joker, Ann Takamaki, Makoto Nijima, & Goro Akechi. The c&les cost $19.99 each but Wick & Skull is offering a bundled price for the set of four c&les at $74.99.

Replies on the Twitter thread seemed to show the fans’ excitement for the c&les, with some wondering what the other Persona 5 Royal characters would smell like. Given that the Wick & Skull c&le collection only focuses on four characters, the fanbase is likely curious about the scents of the remaining Phantom Thieves. Other fans also wondered about the scents of the NPCs in Persona 5 Royal, especially those that the main character can romance as they play through the main story.

According to Wick & Skull’s timeline, the Persona 5 Royal c&le collection has been up for sale since October 2022, around the time for the game’s launch for Steam, the Switch, PS5, & Xbox Series X/S. However, given that the holiday season is nearing, it is not surprising for Atlus to be talking about these items again. Hopefully the c&les remain in stock for the players who are looking to gift these c&les to fellow Persona 5 Royal fans or to purchase some for themselves.

Persona 5 Royal is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, & Xbox Series X/S.

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