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Breadbugs are a Perfect Returning Enemy for Pikmin 4’s Urban Settings

Pikmin 4, the upcoming title in Nintendo’s hybrid puzzle & real-time strategy series, was revealed during September’s Nintendo Direct event. Only a brief, atmospheric sneak peek of the game was shown, but the trailer highlighted what appears to be a more urban, human-focused setting than its predecessor Pikmin 3. This has given fans hope that the Breadbug, a recurring enemy notably absent in 3, will make its triumphant return in Pikmin 4.

Pikmin 4’s reveal trailer shows a group of Pikmin traveling through what looks to be an ab&oned park, complete with a wooden bench & some kind of hanging clock or stopwatch. This seems to signify a return to the “remnants of humanity” settings more prevalent in the first two Pikmin games, rather than the more nature-focused Pikmin 3. Although the only enemy shown so far is the iconic series foe Bulborb, fans of the series concur that the Breadbug would make a great addition to the game’s themes & settings.


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Breadbugs Are The Perfect Urban Scavengers

Breadbugs are natural scavengers, competing for many of the same food, treasures, & other resources as the Pikmin themselves. A Breadbug typically waits in hiding until it senses treasure nearby, & then steals the item by pulling it back to its lair. Their status as scavengers makes the Breadbug – as well as other members of its family, such as the Crumbug & Giant Breadbug – well-suited to an urban environment such as the ab&oned park shown in Pikmin 4’s reveal trailer. If the Pikmin (& whatever astronaut or Captain may lead them this time) are traveling through these areas looking for scraps, they are likely to encounter a Breadbug or two.

During the Nintendo Direct reveal of Pikmin 4, series creator Shigeru Miyamoto revealed that the game will focus heavily on “d&ori,” or “strategic planning,” a major theme of the series. Breadbugs are an enemy type that require very careful planning, as they cannot be harmed normally by Pikmin (except for Purple Pikmin.) Instead of simply swarming the Breadbug to overcome them, Pikmin must lure them out with an object & then transport them to the Ship or an Onion Nest, where the creature’s health will lower enough that it can then be defeated. Other strategy options include using exclusively Purple Pikmin or applying a special item like the Ultra-Bitter Spray. Breadbugs in Pikmin 4 would certainly be a challenging enemy that would be both tricky & fun to defeat.

A Breadbug Would Be Terrifying in “Pikmin-View”

Pikmin 4 in 2023

Miyamoto’s Nintendo Direct appearance led to the series creator revealing that Pikmin 4 will allow the players to experience the game from a “Pikmin’s-eye view,” with a lower camera angle looking up at the enemies & large items surrounding them. Breadbugs, which are large & protected by thick, sturdy armor, would look extremely imposing & perhaps even scary when viewed from a Pikmin’s perspective. Especially intimidating would be the Giant Breadbug, an enemy from Pikmin 2 that was encountered in the Glutton’s Kitchen in Pikmin 2. Perhaps an even larger member of the family, like the Extra-Giant Breadbug or the Colossal Breadbug, could be revealed as well.

Little is currently known about Pikmin 4, except that it is currently scheduled for a 2023 release. Fans are hoping to see future trailers which may include the return of Breadbugs & other fan-favorite elements such as Purple & White Pikmin, which were also absent in Pikmin 3. In the meantime, fans can get their Pikmin fix by playing Pikmin Bloom, a mobile augmented reality game currently available for smartphone devices.

Pikmin 4 will release in 2023 for the Nintendo Switch.

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