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PlayStation Users May Soon Be Able to Download Tutorial Videos Whenever they Get Stuck


A new PlayStation system could allow for easier access to help when players get stuck on a certain level or puzzle within a video game.


A new Sony patent could allow for PlayStation users to access tutorial videos whenever they get stuck in a video game. While there are players who certainly enjoy the challenge of finding out everything they need to do within a game for themselves, there are also plenty of fans who prefer not to spend hours bogged down by puzzles or left without a guide of where to go next. A lot of video games like Marvel’s Spider-Man Approach with their own tutorials, but sometimes these don’t explain everything that needs to be done throughout a title.


This is where a lot of gamers would turn to a tutorial video or a YouTuber who has kindly shown how to complete a certain section or puzzle. Some titles do offer an extra bit of support when it comes to helping players figure things out. God of War: Ragnarok’s puzzles have even faced some criticism online, for example, as players often find as soon as they step into an area where the path isn’t straightforward an NPC will point out the solution to the problem.

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Despite the slight criticisms thrown at God of War: Ragnarok for this, it seems PlayStation wishes to lean more into supporting players get through games without becoming too stuck. A new Sony system would utilize metadata of where a player is in a game to then grant them a specific video in order to help them through a scenario. It isn’t stated whether the player would gain assistance from a third-party or whether PlayStation would have its own gameplay footage.


It seems more likely that PlayStation would rely on its own pre-recorded gameplay, as the patent does make reference to these videos being associated to “first client devices,” which implies it would be footage from Sony consoles. This means that while some players will get easier access to help when they’re stuck at a certain point of a game, some YouTubers who make a lot of content solving gaming puzzles could lose a portion of their audience. However, it is unlikely this Sony patent will cover everything a player can accomplish in a game, & so things like collectibles & side quests will still need third-party footage.

This latest system for PlayStation would mark a new step in the br&’s approach to accessibility. From the accessibility options for The Last of Us Part 1, Horizon: Forbidden West, & God of War: Ragnarok, it’s clear to see Sony is looking to allow as many gamers access to its titles as possible, bringing major changes to visual, audio, & mobility options.

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