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The 18 Best Ice Pokemon, Ranked

Ice-type Pokemon are among some of the strongest in the franchise. There might not be plenty of pure Ice-types in the series, but it’s a popular dual typing that has given trainers some reliable companions. With so many different options out there, choosing the right Ice-type can be a daunting task.

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Just like any other type of Pokemon out there, some Ice-types are better than others. Base stats, movesets, weaknesses, & plenty more factor into just how good a given Ice-type will compare to its peers. These Pokemon might not be perfect, but they’re incredibly strong & st& out as the best of the best when it comes to Ice-types.

Updated November 23rd, 2022 by Russ Boswell: Generation 9 is finally here with the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The release introduces the Paldea Region & ushers in a h&ful of new Ice-based Pokemon that were easy to include on this list. Thanks to the new Terastallize mechanic, players can grab Ice-type Pokemon with interesting new Tera types that they can use to defend against some of the many weaknesses that Advance associated with Ice-type Pokemon. To better celebrate the best Ice Pokemon joining the fray, the following list has been updated to include new entries from the Paldea region.


18/18 Froslass

  • Highest Stat:
    Speed (110)

A unique Ice/Ghost-type, Froslass is a great option for trainers wanting something different out of their Ice-type. Froslass is immune to both Normal & Fighting attacks, & resistant to Poison, Bug, & Ice-types.

Its 110 base Speed ensures that it will be attacking first in most battles. Its Attack & Special Attack aren’t anything all that impressive, with each one coming in at 80. Frostlass’ learnset favors its Special Attack, so trainers are better off teaching it moves like Blizzard & Shadow Ball to take advantage of the STAB it gets with those.

17/18 Glaceon

Pokemon Glaceon

  • Highest Stat:
    Special Attack (130)

Eeveelutions always st& out in their respective typing. Glaceon might not be the perfect Ice-type, but it’s still one of the better options trainers can add to their party. Though it has some shortcomings trainers should be aware of, Glaceon can still play a pivotal role in most parties.

High Defense & Special stats are Glaceon’s biggest draw. But its subpar HP, Attack, & Speed might throw some trainers off. Glaceon’s low HP is worrisome, but it has high enough Defense to accommodate for that in most cases. As long as trainers make the most of the Special attacks it has in its learnset, Glaceon should be a consistent contributor to most parties.

16/18 Walrein


Walrein was first introduced in the third generation & was one of the st&out Ice-types in those games. Over the years, Walrein has remained one of the best Ice-type Pokemon for trainers to work with.

Walrein’s only subpar stat is its Speed. This massive Pokemon will likely get hit first in most battles, but it has high enough HP & Defensive stats that it can sustain a good deal of punishment regardless. Trainers would be wise to take advantage of its high Special Attack. Walrein has a number of Ice & Water Special moves in its learnset that will get STAB. A combination of any of these will make Walrien a useful Pokemon to have in most battles.

15/18 Avalugg


  • Highest Stat:
    Defense (184)

Those looking for a strong physical attack & defender that can st& up easily to other Ice Pokemon should consider looking at Avalugg. The Bergmite evolution has a base stat total of 514, with most of those stats going into Attack, Defense, & HP. Avalugg sacrifices its Speed, Special Attack, & Special Defense to give players access to a brawler that can st& up to a myriad of Pokemon types. Players do need to be aware that it has four weaknesses, with Fire, Steel, Rock, & Fighting.

With an immense 184 defense, Avalugg can take hits from other physical attackers while simultaneously dishing out its own heavy physical damage.

14/18 Weavile


  • Highest Stat:
    Speed (125)

Weavile’s myriad of weaknesses might make it seem like a lesser Ice-type, but this Dark/Ice-type Pokemon has plenty to offer potential trainers. Its 120 Attack & 125 Speed make it an ideal glass cannon. While its base Defense comes in at a paltry 65, its 85 Special Defense should leave trainers feeling comfortable with certain matchups.

Weavile is weak to six different types. It has a weakness to Rock, Bug, Steel, Fire, & Fairy-types alongside a quadruple weakness to Fighting-types. That’s not ideal, but like all Pokemon, trainers can still work around it & use Weavile situationally to take advantage of its strengths.

13/18 Mamoswine

Ash & Serena riding Mamoswine

  • Highest Stat:
    Attack (130)

Mamoswine is one of the best Ice-type Pokemon trainers can get. But its learnset favors Normal & Ground-type moves more than it does Ice-type attacks.

Mamoswine has 130 base Special Attack, meaning that trainers will want to favor Physical moves over Specials. Most of the Ice-type moves in Mamoswine’s learnset are Special, & it gets STAB from attacks like Blizzard & Ice Beam. Other moves like Earthquake, High Horsepower, & Earth Power still give it STAB & better take advantage of its high Attack stat. So while it might not capitalize off of its Ice-type moves, Mamoswine is still a great Pokemon to have in your party.

12/18 Alolan S&slash

Alolan S&slash In The Pokemon Anime

  • Highest Stat:
    Defense (120)

S&slash’s design wasn’t the only thing that changed with its Alolan variant. This Gen I favorite made the move from Ground-type to an Ice/Steel-type, improving some stats changing around some of its weaknesses, immunities, & resistances.

Alolan S&slash maintains the original’s 450 total base stat, making slight improvements to defense & special defense stats at the cost of its already low special attack. Trainers will have to find their way around quadruple weaknesses to Fighting & Fire-types, alongside a weakness to Ground. Immunity to Poison & a host of new resistances that include Dragon & Fairy-types should help balance things out.

11/18 Glalie

Glalie in the Pokemon Anime

Mega Glalie greatly improves upon the original with a massive boost to a h&ful of key stats. Seeing as mega evolution isn’t supported in the current-gen games, trainers will have to make use of Glalie in its natural form. Its mega evolved counterpart might be stronger, but Glalie is still a solid well-balanced Ice-type.

Glalie comes in at an 80 in all of its base stats from HP to speed. So while it doesn’t excel at one particular thing, this Pokemon gives trainers plenty of options to work with. Weaknesses to Fighting, Rock, Steel, & Fire-types st& out as Glalie’s biggest red flag. But the versatility it offers trainers makes it a fun Pokemon to work with.

10/18 Galarian Darmanitan

pokemon sword shield galarian darmanitan

  • Highest Stat:
    Attack (160)

First introduced in Gen V as a Fire-type, Darmanitan’s Galarian variant switches things up. As an Ice-type, Darmanitan loses its weaknesses to Water & Ground but gains new weaknesses to Fire, Steel, & Fighting. In its Zen Mode, Galarian Darmanitan becomes an Ice/Fire-type, subbing out its weakness to Fire & Steel for Water & Ground, while giving it a quadruple weakness to Rock-type moves.

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It does manage to gain a few additional resistances, including Fairy-types, & receives a massive boost in base attack & speed to go alongside already high HP. Galarian Darmanitan has plenty of great physical moves it can use to take advantage of the high attack, but most are sadly not Ice-type.

9/18 Alolan Ninetales

Goh Alolan Ninetales

  • Highest Stat:
    Speed (109)

Like S&slash, Ninetails received a regional variant in the Gen VI games. Alolan Ninetails makes the move from a Fire-type to an Ice/Fairy-type, gaining slightly more speed at the cost of its already middling attack.

The Ice/Fairy-typing gives Alolan Ninetails a quadruple weakness to Steel, adding in weakness to Fire & Poison-types & carrying over Ninetails’ weakness to Ground. Luckily, Alolan Ninetails can learn some great Ice-type moves that take advantage of its special attack stat. Its learnset includes various Psychic, Fairy, & Fire-type moves that can give it some much-appreciated versatility in battle.

8/18 Aurorus

Aurorus in the Pokemon anime

Aurorus’ biggest strength lies in its high HP stat. With mediocre defense & abysmal speed, this Ground/Ice-type Pokemon knows its strengths & sticks to them. A whopping six different weaknesses – including two quadruples, one to Fighting & the other to Steel – make Aurorus a challenging Pokemon to train.

High special stats definitely help Aurorus st& out among its peers. 99 base special attack makes teaching it a variety of special moves a no-brainer. Moves like Blizzard, Ice Beam, & Freeze-Dry all get STAB when used by Aurorus. Aurorus can still be plenty useful in battle, despite its low speed, mediocre defense, & various weaknesses.

7/18 Lapras

Pokemon Anime Lapras

Aside from being one of the stronger Pokemon of its kind, Lapras is also one of the better-known Ice-types in the franchise. First introduced in Gen I, this Water/Ice-type has a distinct design & doubles as an absolute powerhouse in battle.

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Speed is the only statistical issue with Lapras. Its 60 base speed typically guarantees that it will be hit first. Four type weaknesses don’t do it any favors either. But high HP & special defense help balance things out. With equal attack & special attack, Lapras can make the most of various powerful moves in its arsenal. Despite its learnset being very Water & Ice heavy through leveling up, Lapras has access to some Incredible TM/TRs that give it a highly versatile skill set.

6/18 Baxcalibur


  • Highest Stat:
    Attack (145)

A new addition brought on by the 9th generation, Baxcalibur is the final evolution of the unassuming Frigibax. This mighty Dragon-&-Ice-type Pokemon acts as a Pseudo-Legendary for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet thanks to its impressive 600 total base stats. Unfortunately, Baxcalibur does suffer from an abundance of weaknesses, with five total including Steel, Fairy, Dragon, Fighting, & Rock. That said, it does have a resistance to Water, Grass, & Electric. It’s a bit on the slower side (87 Speed) but packs a massive physical punch with 145 Base Attack.

It’s a great option for st&ing up to Fire-types as well, as its Thermal Exchange ability will further boost its Attack if its struck with a Fire-type move.

5/18 Articuno

Articuno Flying in the Breeze

  • Highest Stat:
    Special Defense (125)

One of the most powerful Ice-types at the time of its introduction, Articuno remains one of the best of its kind. Sporting a dual typing of Ice & Flying, Articuno has some concerning weaknesses but makes up for that with immunity to Ground & resistance to Grass & Bug-types.

Articuno has solid stats across the board, but what truly st&s out is its special attack. High speed & special defense stats coupled with well above average HP & defense let Articuno hit opposing Pokemon fast while ensuring longevity in battle.

4/18 Ice Rider Calyrex

Pokémon Sword & Shield Crown Tundra Ice Rider Calyrex

  • Highest Stat:
    Attack (165)

Calyrex is the newest Pokemon on this list, as it was first introduced as part of Sword & Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC. It might not st& out very much on its own, but fusing it with Glastrier will give trainers one of the strongest Ice-types in the series to date.

Ice Rider Calyrex is a Psychic/Ice-type with great stats that Advance at the cost of a bevy of weaknesses. Trainers will have to deal with relatively mediocre speed during battle, but high defense & special defense compensate for that. With 165 base attack, Ice Rider Calyrex can do some real damage with its signature move; Glacial Lance.

3/18 Iron Bundle


  • Highest Stat:
    Speed (136)

Pokemon Violet introduced some unique Pokemon that look like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. There are a h&ful of these Paradox Pokemon to be found, & Iron Bundle fills the role of Ice/Water-type. The creature looks like a robotic Delibird & features a base stat total of 570, with its Speed (136) st&ing out among the rest of its stats. Although it has a multitude of super effective enemies with Electric, Grass, Fighting, & Rock all hitting for 2x damage, Iron Bundle has enough Speed to gain the advantage over most opponents.

It also gains access to Quark Drive, a unique ability for Paradox Pokemon that allows them to boost their highest stat even further (by 30%) when they’re on Electric Terrain or holding Booster Energy. Speed sees a 50% boost if it’s the highest stat available.

2/18 Regice

Pokemon Regice

  • Highest Stat:
    Special Defense (200)

Gen III introduced many unique Pokemon to the mix, with the Legendary Titans st&ing out as some of Hoenn’s most desirable. Regice was one of the strongest pure Ice-types at the time of its introduction to the series & still holds that title years later.

Low speed doesn’t hinder Regice in battle, as it has 100 base defense to go alongside 200 base special defense. It has its fair share of weaknesses, but this titan can tank most hits & hit back with enough force to get trainers through most battles.

1/18 Kyurem

sword shield calyrex tag-team feature

  • Highest Stat:
    Attack / Special Attack (130)

Gen V’s Legendary Dragon/Ice-type Pokemon is one of the most versatile in the game, offering players two alternate forms to make use of. Kyurem is a force to be reckoned with in battle & its White & Black variants drastically improve whether it’s Special Attack or Attack, respectively.

A weakness to Dragon & Fairy-types alongside three others is concerning, but Kyurem should make quick work of most foes in battle regardless. With powerful moves like Outrage, Blizzard, & Ice Beam getting STAB alongside White Kyurem’s Ice Burn & Black Kyurem’s Freeze Shock, most Pokemon won’t st& a chance.

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