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Pokemon: Best Type Combinations, Ranked

Pokemon fans who want to go competitive will want to maximize the combat potential of their Pokemon roster. Those who want to become the next Champion in Nintendo’s hit franchise have got to give their A-Game – synergy & strategy play a huge role in any hopeful Champion’s arsenal. However, most Pokémon experts rely on Type synergies to maximize the presence of their Pokémon in a match.

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Thing is, with 18 Pokemon Types, it’s not easy to find the best Pokemon Type Combos out there. With Pokemon having distinct move sets, strengths, & weaknesses associated with each Type, it seems just having the right Type Combination can secure a match.

Updated on 22 November 2022 by Rhenn Taguiam: With the recent release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, fans are treated to a new & much more open world experience in the Paldea region. Now that players are more in control of their Pokemon journey, it’s likely for a lot of Pokemon fans & Trainers to want to focus more on the number of things they could do with their Pokemon. For those who’ve gotten used to the competitive spirit of the series may want to ensure their party is outfitted with only the best of the best when it comes to Pokemon, & a huge part of this has to do with their Typing. Interestingly enough, even the evolutions of the new Starter Pokemon in Generation 9 may fit such esteemed Typing, as using them properly may turn them into some of the best Pokemon of these Type Combinations.


13/13 Grass/Dark

Resistances: Ground, Ghost, Water, Grass, Electric, Dark

Super Effective: Ghost, Ground, Psychic, Rock, Water

Weakness: Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Flying, Ice, Poison

Due to how mundane-sounding the Grass-Type seems, it’s pretty surprising to see them paired with Dark-Types due to how unconventional the Type is at first glance. However, this rather odd mix may very well lead to some powerful Pokemon, especially when build correctly. As with other Dual Types, this Typing builds upon the best of what Grass & Dark-Types could offer.

In terms of strength, the Grass/Dark Typing immediately boasts powerful attacks against more common Ground, Rock, & Water-Types, while at the same time packing a punch against rarer Ghost & Psychic Types. However, players need to pay attention to weaknesses as well, as the Typing shares vulnerabilities against common Bug & Fire-Types & is weak against unconventional Fairy-Types.

Notable Pokemon

  • Meowscarada:
    Adorable Sprigatito gets to become the mysterious-looking Meowscarada as a final evolution, & its exp&ed facial features definitely match its masquerade theme & its
    elegant Pokemon Typing
    . Stats-wise, Meowscarada suits the mobile attacker, boasting rather above-average Speed matched with decent Attack, making it more suited for prolonged incursions instead of other
    that bank heavily on Sp. Attack stats.

  • Shiftry:
    Innocent-looking Seedot becomes the rather deadly Shiftry; provided second evolution Nuzleaf gets a Leaf Stone. And when it comes to getting a
    with very average stats, Shiftry definitely fits the bar with almost equal levels of Attack & Sp. Atk, followed closely by HP & Speed. When built properly, Shiftry can become a decent midgame partner.

  • Cacturne:
    Cutesy-spikey Cacnea becomes the imposing Cacturne as soon as it hits Level 32, & it paves the way for a scarecrow aesthetic that may justify its unconventional Grass/Dark Typing. As a higher-tier evolution, Cacturne boasts equal Attack & Sp. Attack followed by decent HP, making it an ideal attacker for mid-level play.

12/13 Fire/Ghost

Fire Ghost Type

Resistances: Poison, Bug, Steel, Fire, Grass, Ice, Fairy

Super Effective: Bug, Ghost, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Steel

Weakness: Dark, Ghost, Ground, Rock, Water

When one hears of a Fire-Type, common partner Types immediately include Dragon & Ground Types, mainly due to themes. In turn, seeing Fire being paired with Ghost for the Fire/Ghost Typing seems like a rather odd choice, especially regarding statistics. The Fire/Ghost Type immediately brings strength to the table, particularly against rather unconventional Types such as Psychic & Steel.

However, players may also want to note odd elements regarding this Typing. Thanks to the Ghost Type another half, these Pokemon are immediately immune to Normal & Fighting Types. Interestingly enough, players need to be wary that the Ghost Typing means these Fire/Ghost Pokemon are weak against & strong against fellow Ghost-Types.

Notable Pokemon

  • Skeledirge:
    Befitting Skeledirge’s aesthetic is its Fire/Ghost Typing, especially since its markings seem to resemble those used in the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday. Stats-wise, this Fire/Ghost Pokemon seems rather a decent all-rounder, boasting higher Sp. Attack edged closely by average HP & Defense stats.

  • Marowak (Alolan):
    Players in the Alola region can get an alternative form of Marowak if they evolve it at night, attaining a more spectral motif but boasting the same stats. Despite its Fire/Ghost Typing, Alolan Marowak boasts much higher Defense & equal but lower Attack & Sp. Defense stats, making the Marowak more ideal for tanking.

  • Typhlosion (Hisuian):
    Cindaquil’s final form has an edgier Hisuian variant, boasting a more intimidating set of purple flames compared to the conventional spiky set of its Kantonian counterpart. Stats-wise, Kantonian Typhlosion loses out to its Hisuian variant with regards to Sp. Attack but makes up for it with slightly higher HP & Speed. Players may want to opt for the Hisuian Typhlosion for
    a more offensive-leaning Pokemon juggernaut for most combat situations

11/13 Water/Fighting

Water Fighting

Resistances: Rock, Bug, Steel, Fire, Water, Ice, Dark

Super Effective: Dark, Fire, Ground, Ice, Normal, Rock, Steel

Weakness: Electric, Fairy. Flying, Grass, Psychic

It’s not often that a Pokemon can ever tout both a Water & a Fighting Typing, mainly due to how unconventional their themes could get. However, the image of a martial artist being rather slippery to avoid enemy blows is precisely what the Water/FightingType would boast.

At its core, the Water/Fighting would bring in some of the best Attacks against rather powerful Pokemon Typings, prevalent ones such as Fire & Ground, while simultaneously being able to dish out damage against unconventional foes such as Dark & Steel Types. Unfortunately, players need to note that this Typing is a double-edged sword, as this Dual Type is weak against common Grass Types & Psychic Types.

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Notable Pokemon

  • Quaquaval:
    Generation 9 newcomer Quaquaval seems like an adequate example of an effective Water/Fighting Type. Built around the theme of the Rio Carnival, Quaquaval definitely has a more festive feel, with its allure being represented by its more combative stats set. It has much higher base Attack, followed closely by near-equal stats across the other attributes. This makes Quaquaval a more offensive-leaning
    , working quite well with its potential Moveset.

  • Poliwrath:
    The Water/Fighting Typing isn’t entirely new, considering Poliwrath boasts this combination as early as Generation 1 & then moving on
    from Pokemon region to region
    . Befitting this Typing is a rather decent stats set, which have very close Defense, HP, & Sp. Defense numbers despite being slightly below average. Regardless, leveling up a Poliwrath could make it a decent mid-level companion.

10/13 Fire/Fighting

Fire Fighting - Pokemon Best Type Combinations

Resistances: Bug, Dark, Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel

Super Effective: Bug, Dark, Fire, Grass, Ice, Steel

Weakness: Water, Ground, Flying, Psychic

Granted, some might say that the Fire/Fighting Dual Type is too common of a combination. It also doesn’t help that it has weaknesses to the more common Ground Types & the more potent Flying & Psychic Types. However, those who can make fast-paced builds can work around these weaknesses & capitalize on Fire/Fighting & its strengths.

Essentially, the Fighting Type aspect finally removes the Fire Type’s innate weakness from Fire. Moreover, players can capitalize on ever-helpful Fire Type & Fighting Type maneuvers such as Flamethrower & Close Combat.

Notable Fire/Fighting Pokemon

  • Blaziken (Mega Evolution, Combusken): Of Torchic’s evolutionary tree, it’s Combusken that begins to tap into their nature as half-Fighting
    . They meet their true potential in Blaziken, &
    especially Mega Blaziken
    . Blaziken boasts decent Attack & Special Attack.
  • Infernape (Monferno): Similar to Torchic, Chimchar starts tapping into its Fighting Type half with Monferno, & then eventually Infernape. They have lower base stats compared to Combusken, but Infernape does boast Speed equal to its Attack & Special Attack.
  • Emboar (Pignite): Again with Torchic & Chimchar, Tepig meets the same Fire/Fighting t&em courtesy of Pignite, & then Emboar. Stats-wise, Emboar is more of a tank given its decent HP to pair with its Attack & Special Attack.

9/13 Water/Fairy

Water Fairy - Pokemon Best Type Combinations

Immunity: Dragon

Super Effective: Dark, Dragon, Fighting, Fire, Ground, Rock

Resistances: Bug, Dark, Fighting, Fire, Ice, Water

Weakness: Electric, Grass, Poison

The Water/Fairy Dual Type evidently rises to the occasion when it comes to decently balancing a Pokémon‘s inherent weakness/resistance statistics. Granted, this Type Combination does have weaknesses in the form of Electric, Grass, & Poison Pokémon. However, its inherent defensive resistances & offensive advantages trump more powerful Pokémon teams.

For instance, Fairy contributes an innate immunity to the Dragon Type – great for canceling out the popularity of Dragon Type in the meta. Its resistances also form a great defense against powerful attacks such as Ice Beam, Hydro Pump, Flamethrower, & good ol’ melee combat. Lastly, this type is a nightmare of naturally-potent Types, perfect to counter otherwise strong setups.

Notable Water/Fairy Pokemon

  • Azumarill (Marill): The Azurill evolutionary tree enjoys the Water/Fairy typing, courtesy of Azumarill, which is the evolved form of Marill, which then comes from getting enough friendship with Azurill. Azumarill boasts decent HP, Defense, & Sp. Def, making it a good tanking
  • Primarina: Popplio’s final form, in the form of Primarina, will have to get through the Brionne middle evolution before enjoying this Water/Fairy Typing.
  • Tapu Fini: This guardian deity of Poni Isl& has separate typing compared to fellow guardians Bulu, Lele, & Koko. Given its nature, Tapu Fini has above-average base stats, with higher levels of Special Defense & Defense.

8/13 Electric/Steel

Electric Steel - Pokemon Best Type Combinations

Immunity: Poison

Resistances: Bug, Dragon, Electric, Fairy, Flying, Grass, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock, Steel

Weakness: Fire, Fighting, Ground

Players who want an awesome defensive Dual Type Combination will love the potential of Electric/Steel. In fact, this type alone has the most number of resistances in the series. Aside from its immunity to Poison, an Electric/Steel type can wreck matches with powerhouse moves such as Body Press, Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt, & Magnet Pull.

Granted, this Dual Type Combination has a maddening 4x weakness against Ground & equally frustrating weaknesses against Fire & Fighting. However, players who can work around these caveats can fully capitalize its 11 Resistances to victory.

Notable Electric/Steel Pokemon

  • Magnezone (Magneton, Magnemite): When exposed to a Thunder Stone, the otherwise ordinary Magneton can become Magnezone. Now the final form of Magnemite, Magnezone enjoys decent Special Attack coupled with decent base Defense.
  • Togedemaru: This adorable roly-poly
    isn’t a pushover, as while it does have average stats, it still fares well against other
    of its caliber. Its high-enough Attack & Speed can make it excel in hit-&-run strategies.

7/13 Water/Flying

Water Flying - Pokemon Best Type Combinations

Immunity: Ground

Super Effective: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Ground, Rock

Resistances: Bug, Fighting, Fire, Steel, Water

Weakness: Rock, Electric

Players who want a more straightforward Dual Type Combination will appreciate Water/Flying. Essentially, it does great when it comes to naturally negating each others’ weak points. For instance, this Dual Type no longer have their individual aspects’ natural weaknesses against Grass Types (for Water), & Ice Types (for Flying).

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Likewise, this Dual Type Combination can get deadly against the more common Fighting, Fire, & Ground Types in the meta. Of course, players have to work around this type’s natural weakness to Rock Types & its rather deadly 4x weakness against Electric Types.

Notable Water/Flying Pokemon

  • Gyarados: Magikarp’s popular evolution Gyarados is one of the most iconic Water/Flying
    out there, boasting high-enough Attack & Special Defense to pepper through most foes & their special movies.
  • Mantine (Mantyke): Obtaining this manta ray
    is only achievable by having a Mantyke & a Remoraid in the same party. This seems worth the while, though, given Mantine has ridiculously high Special Defense – making it a fitting tank against
    who love special moves.
  • Pelipper (Wingull): This seagull
    evolves from Wingull. And while Pelipper has quite the mundane appearance, they do boast average stats. With a decent Defense & Special Attack, Pelipper can brace through most ordinary
    with ease.
  • Swanna (Ducklett): This elegant swan
    evolves from Ducklett, giving it quite a majestic final evolution. It boasts average stats across the board, with almost matching Speed, Special Attack, & Attack that make it quite the surprisingly aggressive
    in a party.

6/13 Steel/Flying

Steel Flying - Pokemon Best Type Combinations

Immunity: Ground, Poison

Super Effective: Bug, Grass, Fairy, Fighting, Ice, Rock

Resistances: Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Grass, Flying, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Steel

Weakness: Fire, Electric

In the right h&s, the Steel/Flying Type can spell disaster for opponents. This typing fully maximizes the benefits of both the Steel Type & the Flying Type. Essentially, the Flying Type aspect negates the otherwise-deadly potential of Ground Type. Meanwhile, the Steel Type aspect helps counteract the Flying Type’s natural weakness against the Rock Type.

With these synergies in mind, the Steel/Flying combination will remain useful to natural powerhouses amongst competitive Pokémon such as Fairy, Fighting, Ice, & Rock Types. Likewise, it has natural resistances against powerful Dragon & Psyching Types. Players just need to stay wary of the natural weakness towards Fire & Electric Types.

Notable Steel/Flying Pokemon

  • Skarmory: This armor bird
    seems simple-looking enough, but it packs quite a decent punch. Skarmory has surprisingly high-enough Defense that makes its defenses hard to tear down even when facing
    above its caliber.
  • Corviknight (Gigantamax: This raven
    comes from two former evolutions, Corvisquire & Rookidee. And while its former forms seem mediocre-looking, Corviknight’s edgy look is well-deserved. In its base form, Corviknight boasts decent HP, Attack, Defense, & Special Defense. However, these stats do get a much-needed increase during Gigantamax formats.

5/13 Steel/Fairy

Steel Fairy - Pokemon Best Type Combinations

Immunity: Dragon, Poison

Super Effective: Dark, Dragon, Fairy, Fighting, Ice, Rock

Resistances: Bug, Dark, Fairy, Grass, Flying, Ice, Normal, Psychic, Rock

Weakness: Fire, Ground

In terms of sheer defense, the Steel/Fairy Dual Type is always something to rely on. Its natural immunity against Poison & Dragon Types can ruin an enemy’s day, especially if they’re using the Dragon Type metagame builds. Likewise, resistances against natural powerhouses such as Psychic, Fairy, & Dark can give an opponent a rough day.

Of course, players would need to stay wary of its inherent weaknesses towards Fire & Ground Types. It doesn’t help that some staple competitive moves such as Flamethrower & Earthquake belong to these Types. However, with the right Pokémon pairing, a Steel/Fairy typing can provide enough punch to dominate a match.

Notable Steel/Fairy Pokemon

  • Mawile (Mega Evolution): Despite its cute nature, one can’t deny that Mawile does have a gaping mouth with teeth at the back of its head. Stat-swise, Mawile boasts equal levels Attack & Defense, making for quite a balanced attack build. However, Mawile gets wild during its Mega Evolution, as its Attack, Defense, & Special Defense shoot up in values in this form.
  • Klefki: This keyring
    might look weird at first, especially with the keys it’s carrying. However, it does boast one of the best layouts of base stats for an ordinary
    At its core, its Attack, Defense, Special Defense, & Special Attack fall on extremely similar amounts. Not to mention, its Speed manages to keep up with the other stats as well, giving Klefki quite a decent build.
  • Magearna: This Steel/Fairy
    is a Mythical
    for a reason, especially with its artificial nature. It even hides a special form under its armored exterior, which makes it all the more deadlier. Stats-wise, Magearna has high Special Attack, closely followed by Special Defense & Defense, making it a deadly foe for both ordinary & special
    to face.

4/13 Ghost/Dark

Ghost Dark - Pokemon Best Type Combinations

Immunity: Fighting, Normal, Psychic

Super Effective: Ghost, Psychic

Resistances: Poison

Weakness: Fairy

Of all typings, it’s the Ghost/Dark Dual Type that capitalizes on its inherent defensive potential. At its core, this typing only has a weakness against Fairy Types. Moreover, its inherent tactical advantage over more powerful Ghost & Psychic Types can make it a natural force to reckon with. And its immunity over hard-hitting Psychic, Normal, & Fighting Types can make this a force to reckon with.

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Unfortunately, despite its inherent strengths, only two Pokémon exist within this Dual Type Combination – namely, Spiritomb & Sableye. It’s also at a player’s initial advantage that both Pokémon don’t boast powerful-enough stats to take on enemies on their own.

In turn, combat would likely have this typing take on a more supportive role. In fact, players can fully capitalize on these Pokémon‘s innate abilities to turn the tide instead.

Notable Ghost/Dark Pokemon

  • Sableye: With its iconic purple skin & red gem, one can’t mistake Sableye for another
    . And courtesy of the Sablenite, Sableye can transform into its much more powerful Mega Sableye iteration. Stats-wise, Sableye has almost equal base numbers for Attack, Defense, Special Attack, & Special Defense. However, when Mega Evolved, Mega Sableye gets a massive boost in Defense & Special Defense, making it much tankier than before.
  • Spiritomb: One might look at Spiritomb & underst& why it’s classified as the Forbidden
    . Appearing as though only a ghostly purple mass attached to a stone, Spiritomb projects its outward appearance through what’s known as the keystone. Stats-wise, Spiritomb has equal amounts Defense & Special Defense, & equal amounts – but a bit lower – Attack & Special Attack.

3/13 Poison/Dark

Poison Dark - Pokemon Best Type Combinations

Immunity: Psychic

Resistances: Dark, Ghost, Grass, Poison

Super Effective: Fairy, Ghost, Grass, Psychic

Weakness: Ground

At its core, the Poison/Dark Dual Type capitalizes on sheer defensive strategy against more potent Pokémon Types. In fact, their synergy makes them resistant to more vicious Poison, Dark, & Ghost Types & at the same time giving them the edge against equally-powerful Psychic & Fairy Types.

Sadly, players still have to cover their bases with the leftover Ground Type weakness. If they’re not careful, Earth Power & Earthquake can easily decimate a well-crafted defensive strategy. It also doesn’t help that Ground Types are a more common appearance among types, meaning this Dual Type can more or less serve as a support unit.

Notable Poison/Dark Pokemon

  • Alolan Muk (Alolan Grimer): Unlike conventional Grimer & its evolution Muk that are simply Poison Types, their Alolan variants are actually Poison/Dark. Thankfully, their
    naturally evolved states
    can potentially give them an edge in the meta. The Alolan Muk has equal parts HP & Attack, with Sp. Def following close behind. They then have decent Defense & Sp. Atk, followed by middling Speed.
  • Skutank (Stunky): Despite taking inspiration from the skunk, Skutank & Stunky are both quite formidable
    , even when it comes to their base stats. These include almost equal levels of HP, Attack, & Speed.
  • Drapion: This ogre scorpion
    is one of the most recognizable among the Poison/Dark Types, particularly for its evolution from the otherwise diminutive Skorupi. Stats-wise, Drapion boasts above average Defense & decent Attack, making it quite a decent attacker in most matches.

2/13 Steel/Bug

Steel Bug - Pokemon Best Type Combinations

Immunity: Poison

Resistances: Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Steel

Super Effective: Dark, Fairy, Grass, Ice, Psychic, Rock

Weakness: Fire

With the Steel/Bug Dual Type, any Pokémon can get one of the best defensive arsenals in the game. At its core, Poison Type immunity is a great deterrent against pesky poison attacks. Moreover, mixed resistance & advantages against the more potent Fairy, Dragon, Psychic, & Dark Types can easily make this type the bane of semi-OP builds.

However, players do need to watch out for the whopping 4x Weakness against Fire Types. This can pose a lot of trouble, considering some of the more essential attacks, such as Fire Blast & Flamethrower all exist within the more dominant Fire Type.

Notable Steel/Bug Pokemon

  • Forretress: Despite its rather odd appearance, bagworm
    Forretress is an admirable work of survivability. It boasts above average Defense & decent Attack, making it quite a good defender against most basic
  • Scizor (Mega Evolution): If Scyther holds a Metal Coat when traded, it can evolve into Scizor. And if Scizor gets a Scizorite, it can Mega Evolve into Mega Scizor. This
    remains quite a decent addition to any party, especially with its decent base Attack & Defense, which makes it a good contender against most basic
  • Escavalier: This cavalry
    resembles that of a lancer knight, & could only be acquired once a Karrablast is traded for a Shelmet. Stats-wise, Escavalier fits its association with knightly valor, as its above-average Attack & generally decent Defense & Special Defense make it a good
    in any party.

1/13 Water/Ground

Water Ground - Pokemon Best Type Combinations

Immunity: Electric

Resistances: Fire, Poison, Rock, Steel

Super Effective: Electric, Fire, Ground, Poison, Rock, Steel

Weakness: Grass

The Water/Ground Dual Type serves as a great counter against Pokémon of more common Type variances. At first glance, its immunity to Electric Types seems like a huge advantage, but it also has a setback in the form of a 4x Weakness against Grass Types. However, Trainers who can work around this caveat will have a powerful Type Combination in their h&s.

Essentially, the synergy between Water & Ground Types allow Pokémon of these Types to maximize their utility & offensive options. With its Primary Type (Water), Pokémon in this Type Combination can capitalize on Ice Type moves to counter its Grass & Dragon caveat.

Notable Water/Ground Pokemon

  • Quagsire (Wooper): Bubbly Quagsire evolves from Wooper, maintaining its funny appearance. However, despite their humorous exterior, they are rough fighters. They boast decent HP, Attack & Defense, as well as decent Sp. Atk & Sp. Def. However, Quagsire does suffer from low Speed.
  • Swampert (Marshtomp): Mudkip from Generation III remains one of the most recognizable Starter
    out there, & its final evolution Swampert is perhaps one of the best-looking Starters to grace the franchise. Not to mention, its Mega Swampert form achieved via a Swampertite just looks like a beast to behold. Stats-wise, Swampert has decent numbers across the board, but its Mega Swampert form skyrockets Attack to the above-average numbers.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet were released on November 18, 2022, for the Nintendo Switch.

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