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Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Crochet Charizard Doll


A Pokemon fan showcases their creativity by making an incredible crochet doll based on the Fire/Flying-type Pokemon Charizard.

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The art of crochet seems to hold a soft spot in the hearts of the Pokemon community, with one fan showcasing the incredible Charizard doll that they created. Having all the iconic features of the Fire/Flying-type pocket creature, the crochet doll will likely impress fellow fans who consider the fire-breathing Pokemon as one of their favorites in the whole roster.

Many in the Pokemon fanbase continue to use their crochet skills to showcase their love for their favorite Pokemon. Recently, some crochet dolls including Chespin, Froakie, Snorlax, & even Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s new Pokemon Lechonk were shared by the franchise’s fans online. Given that Charizard is one of the most iconic pocket creatures from the Kanto region, & has made appearances in almost all of the Pokemon video games to date, it is not surprising for a fan to crochet a doll of the Fire/Flying-type.


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On Reddit, user ConstanzaL shared a photo of the impressive Charizard crochet doll that they made. In the photo, the Sparkling orange color of the thread used for the skin of Fire/Flying-type Pokemon Charizard is instantly noticeable. The artist also captured the Pokemon’s features brilliantly. Charizard’s eyes look very threatening while its wings stick out behind its back menacingly. According to ConstanzaL, they used a free pattern by another artist which they generously shared on the Reddit thread. This means other crochet artists can also easily start a Charizard doll project of their own.

Fellow Pokemon fans on the forum complimented ConstanzaL’s work, especially since they were able to recreate Charizard’s iconic look beautifully. One even pointed out that they loved the vibrancy of the Charizard doll’s orange skin. Others asked if the artist sold the dolls they crafted, to which ConstanzaL replied that they did take commissions. According to the artist’s Reddit profile, this is not the first Pokemon doll they have crocheted. Other pocket creatures they have turned into crochet figures include Cyndaquil, Eevee, & its whole range of evolutions, as well.

ConstanzaL has made crochet dolls from other video game titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Kirby, & even Klonoa. With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet recently released, the Pokemon community would likely love to see the artist make crochet dolls of the new Gen 9 starters, legendaries, & other Pokemon found in the Paldea region. Hopefully they continue to share their work online as fellow Pokemon fans seem to really admire the Gorgeous details of their crocheted work.

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