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Pokemon GO: Best Moveset for Snorlax


Fans of the Pokemon franchise know Snorlax is a rather lazy & gluttonous Pokemon. Snorlax is one of the original 151, & is currently not able to evolve. However, it received a pre-evolution, Munchlax, in Generation 4. Those looking to use Snorlax to defend gyms or in PVP in Pokemon GO should make sure it has good IVs & a good set of moves.

Unlike in the earlier Pokemon games, Pokemon GO trainers won’t need a Poke Flute to wake & catch Snorlax this time around. It’s still a rare Pokemon & may take more than a few Poke Balls to catch. Players who want to use Snorlax will want to make sure it has the best moves for gyms & PVP.


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How to Get Snorlax in Pokemon GO

pokemon go snorlax munchlax egg

Snorlax can normally be caught from Team GO Rocket members as a Shadow Pokemon. However, it’s quite rare & difficult to catch. Players can challenge Team GO Rocket at black Poke Stops or the Rocket Balloons. As most players know, the Team GO Rocket grunts’ teams are r&omized. If a female grunt says one of the following lines, then that means she will have a Shadow Snorlax (2022):

  • Don’t bother, I’ve already won.
  • Winning is for winners!
  • Get ready to be defeated!

However, thanks to Pokemon GO‘s 2022 Greedy Glutton event, players have a chance of seeing a Snorlax in the wild/on the overworld map for a limited time. When catching Snorlax (or Shadow Snorlax), players should use Razz Berries to make the capture easier.

Another method to get Snorlax is to evolve Munchlax. The 7km Eggs that players can receive from friends as Gifts have a chance of hatching a Munchlax, along with two other Pokemon. Currently, Munchlax only hatches from the 7km Eggs received during the Greedy Glutton event. It’s possible that once the event ends, Munchlax will disappear from the 7km Eggs roster. To evolve Munchlax, players can feed it 50 Snorlax C&y.

Underst&ing Snorlax: Typing & Moves

pokemon anime snorlax baseball cap

Snorlax is known in the mainline games for its incredible HP & its powerful Attack. It’s a Normal-type Pokemon, & its Normal-type attacks won’t inflict super-effective damage on any Typing. Snorlax makes a good wall in battle or defending gyms.

Strong against N/A
Weak against Fighting
Not very effective against Rock, Steel, *Ghost
Resists damage from N/A

* In regular Pokemon games, Normal-type moves can’t inflict damage on Ghost-type Pokemon. Likewise, Ghost-type moves are ineffective against Snorlax. In Pokemon GO, this is changed where Normal-type & Ghost-type moves will inflict “not very effective” damage on Ghost & Normal-type Pokemon, respectively.

Snorlax can have any of the following Quick Moves & Charge Moves in Pokemon GO:

Quick Move Charge Move
  • Lick (Ghost-type)
  • Zen Headbutt (Psychic-type)
  • Earthquake (Ground-type)
  • Heavy Slam (Steel-type)
  • Outrage (Dragon-type)
  • Skull Bash (Normal-type)
  • Superpower (Fighting-type)
  • Hyper Beam (Normal-type)
  • Body Slam (Normal-type)
  • Frustration (Normal-type; Shadow Snorlax only)
  • Return (Normal-type; Purified Snorlax only)

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Best Moves for Snorlax in Pokemon GO

pokemon go snorlax

Four of Snorlax’s Charge Moves are not Normal-type, meaning Snorlax can potentially have a decent coverage against other Types. Unfortunately, Snorlax’s Quick Moves are not Normal-type (except for Yawn, which can be obtained via Elite TM), meaning it won’t get STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) from its Quick Moves.

The following movesets are just a few options for players to use for Snorlax:

Quick Move Charge Move Pros & Cons
Moveset option #1 Lick Return
  • Pros
    • Lick will deal super-effective damage to Ghost-type Pokemon, which resist Normal-type moves in Pokemon GO.
    • As a Normal-type, Snorlax can make the most out of the Return/Frustration Move.
    • STAB is gained from the Charge Move.
    • Lick has an EPS of 12, making it Snorlax’s highest EPS-generating Quick Move.
  • Cons
    • Return is only available if the Snorlax is Purified, meaning it will need to have been caught as a Shadow Pokemon from Team GO Rocket.
    • Lick doesn’t deal much damage (5 damage) & is an overall weak Ghost-type move.
    • Return won’t be very effective against Steel or Rock-type Pokemon.
Moveset option #2 Zen Headbutt Superpower
  • Pros
    • Zen Headbutt will give Snorlax coverage against Fighting-type Pokemon, which is the one Typing that is super effective against Normal-types.
    • Zen Headbutt is Snorlax’s strongest Quick Move (12 damage).
    • Thanks to this moveset’s coverage, a Snorlax with this combination is suitable for PVP.
    • Superpower is strong against Dark, Normal, Rock, Ice, & Steel-type Pokemon.
  • Cons
Moveset option #3 Zen Headbutt Outrage
  • Pros
    • Zen Headbutt is super effective against most Fighting-type & Poison-type Pokemon.
    • Outrage is a Dragon-type move that’s strong against most Dragon-type Pokemon.
    • Outrage has a base damage of 110.
  • Cons
    • Snorlax receives no STAB from either Move.
    • Outrage doesn’t provide much coverage & isn’t useful when battling Fairy-type Pokemon.
    • Zen Headbutt is not very effective against most Dark-type Pokemon.
Moveset option #4 Lick Hyper Beam
  • Pros
    • Arguably Snorlax’s best moveset thanks to Lick’s EPS & Hyper Beam’s damage (150).
    • Hyper Beam is one of the best Normal-type moves in-game.
  • Cons

Some other Charge Moves that players can swap out are Skull Bash & Earthquake. Skull Bash can substitute the Lick + Hyper Beam moveset at the cost of lower damage. The Skull Bash Move will still give Snorlax STAB. If players want more coverage, they can have Earthquake instead. This is super effective against Types that Snorlax’s Normal-type Charge Moves would be ineffective against, ie: Steel & Rock-type Pokemon. In addition, Earthquake is strong against most Fire & Poison-type Pokemon too.

Most wild Snorlax will have high CP, but its appraisal, like other Pokemon, will be r&omized. Players will want a Snorlax with high HP & Attack. Powering up Snorlax can be expensive thanks to the Stardust & C&y cost, & since Snorlax isn’t too common in the wild, players may want to set it as a Buddy or use Pinap Berries/Silver Pinap Berries when they encounter one.

Pokemon GO is available for mobile devices.

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