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Pokemon GO: Pheromosa Raid Guide


Taking down Ultra Beasts in Pokemon GO is no easy feat, but the encounter rewards are well worth the effort. Even if players have already locked in all of the Ultra Beast Pokedex entries, these powerful Pokemon are still worth collecting for fans of PvP or PvE battles. A h&ful of them have some strong move sets & are poised to become popular choices in the PoGO meta game going forward.

To successfully defeat an Ultra Beast in Pokemon GO, trainers first need to underst& each Raid Boss’ weaknesses & Advance up with a strategic counter roster to defeat the boss. For Pheromosa, that is going to mean studying up on Bug- & Fighting-type dual pairing weaknesses & assembling a roster of powerful Flying-types to take down the Ultra Beast.


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Ultra Beast battles can be pretty tough & the average player using the right counters will still want to enter this battle with about four other friends. Parties of that size who stick to Pheromosa’s weaknesses should be able to beat the clock & earn their encounter rewards.

Pokemon GO Ultra Beasts Nihilego Buzzwole Pheromosa Xurkitree

Pheromosa Weaknesses

This Ultra Beast is a Bug- & Fighting-type, which means that Pheromosa is 2x weak against Flying-type moves & weak to Fairy, Fire, & Psychic type moves.

Best Pheromosa Counters

Moltres – Wing Attack/Sky Attack

Rayquaza – Air Slash/Hurricane

Braviary – Air Slash/Courageous Bird

Yveltal – Gust/Hurricane

Tornadus – Air Slash/Hurricane

Staraptor – Wing Attack/Courageous Bird

Tornadus (Incarnate) – Air Slash/Hurricane

Honchkrow – Peck/Sky Attack

Tornadus (Therian) – Gust/Hurricane

Unfezant – Air Slash/Sky Attack

Zapdos – Charge Beam/Drill Peck

Ho-Oh – Extrasensory/Courageous Bird

Mewtwo – Confusion/Psystrike

Toucannon – Peck/Drill Peck

Lugia – Extrasensory/Aeroblast

The 2x Flying-type weakness is a great strategy to focus on & players who have been raiding for a while are likely to have some of the top tier Flying-types already powered up & ready for the fight. That should be everything trainers need to know to pull together a respectable counter roster for Pheromosa Ultra Beast Battle Raids in the mobile AR game. Remember that it may be worth burning through some Elite TMs to equip the counter roster with optimal move sets for this battle. Most of these counter options are pretty evergreen & the investment would likely pay off in future counter rosters, as well.

Be sure to check back in the near future for lots more Pokemon GO strategy guides, news, & updates. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android & iOS devices.

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