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Pokemon GO Player Questioned by Cops


A Pokemon GO player unexpectedly draws the attention of the police after someone reports them for suspicious activity while playing the game.


A Pokemon GO player recently found themselves drawing unwanted attention from the police due to their behavior while playing the game. Pokemon GO players should always remain aware of their surroundings, as the game itself warns, but it seems that attentiveness can end up causing problems.

Pokemon GO players have had all kinds of run-in with the police & criminals at this point. In fact, some have even committed criminal activity themselves, with Pokemon GO players being arrested for driving while distracted, assault, & other Depraved behavior.


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In this particular case, the Pokemon GO player wasn’t doing anything to intentionally draw attention, but ended up with it anyway. Reddit user p4755166 shared their story with other Pokemon GO players, detailing how they were trying to use the Pokemon GO Pokestop scanning feature to scan local area features to get an increased amount of drops. This is an established game mechanic, but the way they went about it drew attention from someone who mistakenly believed the Pokemon GO player was filming people.

According to p4755166, they spent about an hour & a half repeatedly roaming around the same local park area, taking scans & spinning the PokeStops. After sitting down, a pair of police officers came by to speak to them, asking about their activities. Thankfully, after an explanation, the police officers were apparently underst&ing & let the player off with a warning that their behavior could be viewed as a problem, especially since they were circling in an area with kids around.

Apparently, whoever reported the player to the police was concerned that they were taking photos or videos, which is an easy mistake to make without being able to see the player’s screen. The Pokemon GO Pokestop scanning system uses multiple panning images to piece together three-dimensional spatial points of the object scanned, which Niantic says may be used in a future AR system. However, this can make it look like someone is intentionally recording the area or people around them, especially if they do it continuously for a long period of time.

As one might expect, p4755166 isn’t all too pleased about the encounter, & has decided to skip the scanning system & stick with traditional PokeStop spinning instead. No amount of bonuses in-game are worth potentially getting in trouble with the law, so it’s likely a wise decision for them to make. Of course, there are plenty of Pokemon GO players who have used this system without any issues.

Thankfully, p4755166 isn’t giving up on the game entirely, despite the worrisome experience. However, with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet now on the verge of release, at least they’d have an option to play safely from home.

Pokemon GO is available on mobile devices.

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