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Pokemon GO: Best Moveset for Greedent


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Skwovet is the Galar region’s starting Normal-type Pokemon, much like Rattata is to Kanto/Johto & Yungoos to Alola. Pokemon Sword/Shield players may not use Skwovet & its evolution Greedent in the late-game, but things may be different in Pokemon GO. These squirrel Pokemon aren’t nearly as common as they are in Galar, but they can be caught during special events.

Familiar fans of the series may recognize Greedent as a pesky Pokemon that hides in Berry Trees around Galar. Pokemon GO‘s Greedents can be obtained via evolving Skwovet. Greedent’s Moves are also modest compared to bulkier Normal-types like Snorlax, but if players know how to set it up, Greedent can be useful when battling Team GO Rocket or partaking in gym battles.


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How to Get Greedent In Pokemon GO

pokemon go skwovet greedent

While Greedent & Skwovet made their debut in Pokemon GO back in 2021, they’ve recently made a return in the 2022 Greedy Gluttons Event alongside other gluttonous Pokemon like Gulpin & Snorlax. Skwovet has a high chance of spawning in the wild during Greedy Gluttons, making it the perfect time to catch them & start collecting Skwovet C&y.

To get Greedent, players will need to feed their Skwovet 50 Skwovet C&y. Since the C&y amount is doubled during Greedy Gluttons, players can get away with catching a h&ful of Skwovets without having to waste any Pinap or Silver Pinap Berries. However, it’s recommended to use Pinap Berries when catching Skwovet for trainers that want to obtain Greedent a little quicker.

Players struggling to find Skwovet may want to use their Daily Incense, regular Incense, or a Lure Model on a Poke Stop. This will increase the chances of running into Skwovet & other event-related Pokemon.

Greedent: Typing & Moves

A Greedent smiling as it wins a tournament in the anime

Greedent’s best stat is its HP, but it has good Attack & Defense too. An ideal Greedent has all-around IVs for all three stats. As a Normal-type, Greedent has the following Type-effectiveness:

Strong against N/A
Weak against Fighting
Not very effective Steel, Rock, *Ghost

* Pokemon GO combat operates differently than mainline Pokemon games, & Greedent’s Normal-type moves will deal “not very effective” damage to Ghost-type Pokemon. Likewise, Ghost-type Moves will inflict “not very effective” damage on Greedent.

Greedent’s Quick & Charge moves are quite limited. However, it’s still possible to create movesets that give it Type-coverage:

Quick Move Charge Move
  • Bite (Dark-type)
  • Bullet Seed (Grass-type)
  • Tackle (Normal-type)
  • Body Slam (Normal-type)
  • Crunch (Dark-type)

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Best Moves for Greedent in Pokemon GO

pokemon go greedent moveset

With a total of five moves, Greedent can have one out of three different types of Quick Moves, & one out of two Charge Moves. Depending on how players want to use Greedent (i.e: gym battles, defending, or PVP), they’ll want Greedent to have at least one STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) moveset with no STAB moves.

Here are a few combinations:

Quick Move Charge Move Pros & Cons
Moveset option #1 Tackle Body Slam
  • Pros
    • Gets STAB from both Quick & Charge Moves.
    • Tackle generates 10 EPS.
    • Body Slam deals 50 damage, but has higher DPS than Greedent’s other Charge Move.
  • Cons
    • Both Tackle & Body Slam won’t inflict much damage on Rock, Steel, or Ghost-type Pokemon.
Moveset option #2 Tackle Crunch
  • Pros
    • Quick Move will generate STAB.
    • Crunch, being a Dark-type move, will give Greedent coverage against most Psychic & Ghost-type Pokemon.
    • Crunch is Greedent’s (current) best Charge Move.
  • Cons
    • Both moves won’t inflict much damage on Pokemon with unique Typings, such as Sableye or Spiritomb.
    • No STAB from Charge Move.
    • Crunch has lower DPS than Body Slam.
Moveset option #3 Bullet Seed Crunch
  • Pros
    • Ideal for defending gyms thanks to Bullet Seed & Crunch’s Type Coverage.
    • Bullet Seed is effective against most Grass & Water-type Pokemon.
    • Crunch will be useful when battling most Ghost & Psychic-type Pokemon.
    • Bullet Seed has high EPS & deals the most damage compared to Greedent’s other Quick Moves.
  • Cons
    • No STAB from either Move.
    • Bullet Seed has low DPS.
Moveset option #4 Bite Body Slam
  • Pros
    • Bite will take care of most Ghost & Psychic-type Pokemon. It also has a DPS of 12 – like Tackle.
    • Charge Move (Body Slam) will grant STAB.
  • Cons
    • Bite only generates 8 EPS.
    • Body Slam isn’t a good Charge Move when facing off against Rock, Steel, or Ghost-type Pokemon.
Moveset option #5 Bite Crunch
  • Pros
  • Cons
    • The moveset isn’t very effective against Fairy, Dark, & Fighting-type Pokemon.
    • No STAB.

While Greedent isn’t a Rotten Normal-type Pokemon to defend gyms or use in battle, it’s not the best either. Greedent’s flaw is its shallow moves, thus limiting the movesets it could potentially have. It can easily be replaced by a better Normal-type (such as Snorlax) later on.

On the Sparkling side, its Bullet Seed & Bite Quick Moves make it useful when battling various Types of Pokemon, & they generate enough EPS to charge its Charge Moves quickly. Greedent’s an average Pokemon to use for trainers who are just starting their Pokemon GO adventure.

Pokemon GO is available for mobile devices.

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