Talented Pokemon Fan Crafts Life-Like Posable Nintetales Doll


A talented artist, who is also a Pokemon fan, creates a life-like posable Nintetales doll by h& that took 40 hours to bring to life.


A talented artist & Pokemon fan has created a detailed doll from scratch of Ninetales that looks straight out of the game. Since the launch of the latest entries into the franchise, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, talented gamers have been flocking online to share their art in various ways. From funny Pokemon memes to videos of various humorous glitches, there always seems to be something new to be shared in this long-running community.

When players aren’t engaged in trying to catch them all, they are often busy creating & using influences from past Pokemon games. Recently one fan turned the new starters from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet into sprites from Generation One, which was a staple art style used throughout many of the earlier games. Seeing the past & present of this popular franchise blend so seemingly well together shows how much the past has influenced current & longst&ing fans of Pokemon. There seems to be no shortage of creativity from the millions of fans nor an end to the fantastic creations currently making the rounds online. This latest Pokemon doll is a perfect example of how some players can turn their passion into a business.


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An artist & TikTok user, Umbratundra, shared a video showing off their Unbelievable Ninetales doll they made by h& that’s not only life-like but is fully posable. According to the fan, the process took over 40 hours of hard work to bring the fierce fox to life. Umbratundra admitted it was a lot of work & a challenge, but in the end, they are glad they didn’t give up. The response from other Pokemon fans was met with high praise, with many wondering how they could make one for themselves. With all this talent out there, perhaps The Pokemon Company should hold contests & hire these fans to design new Pokemon.

Ninetales has been around since the very beginning of the Pokemon series. As the evolved form of the adorable Vulpix that belonged to Brock in the original Pokemon anime, its design is thought to be based on the red fox & the kitsune from Japanese legend. Umbratundra’s Ninetales’ creation is currently up for auction & could fetch hundreds of dollars by the time the auction ends on December 15. The artist also stated they are self-taught in creating art dolls & used YouTube videos to hone their craft. While it wasn’t a Pokemon doll that went viral recently, a comic combining Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s Nemona & Dragon Ball Z also captured fans’ interest on Twitter. These recent fan-art examples are giving Pokemon fans a lot to talk about.

Although Pokemon Scarlet & Violet may be the lowest-rated main titles on Metacritic, the love & appreciation for the Pokemon themselves from its fans is not going away anytime soon. From generation to generation, the talent in this community will only continue to grow.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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