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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Discover a Major Issue with Battle Stadium


The competitive Battle Stadium feature in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is suffering due to a major bug effectively ruining matches between players.

A bug inside Pokemon Scarlet & Violet's Battle Stadium is ruining the experience for players.

While Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has proven popular with players despite some performance problems, gameplay is now suffering thanks to a new, game-ruining bug inside the Battle Stadium. The games’ Battle Stadium feature is meant to cater to its more competitive playerbase looking to test their skills as a Pokemon trainer against others from around the world. However, this new bug is effectively ruining the entire experience by taking away the r&omness & usefulness of many attacks & abilities players may employ in battles.


Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are the ninth generation of Pokemon role-playing games, taking players to the new region of Paldea & adding 107 new Pokemon to the franchise. Players will Open their path in either Naranja or Uva Academy, depending on which game they are playing, & are given three potential story paths to complete before unlocking a fourth, final story to play through. As mentioned above, the game was criticized at launch for performance problems such as clipping & low framerates but was still Nintendo’s biggest launch of all time with roughly 10 million units sold in its first three days.

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The newest problem players have discovered, though, is proving to be much more detrimental to the actual gameplay experience inside the aforementioned Battle Stadium. It was first discovered by Reddit user Lord-Trolldemort who said in a post they noticed Frost Breath missed on the opening attack 14 times, despite being a 90% accuracy move. They calculated frost breath missing the way it did is a one in a trillion chance if the r&om-number generator was working correctly.

More players began noticing this as well, with certain moves being completely ineffective depending on what turn the player was on. Several players suggested the reason for this are the games’ r&om-number generator seed being fixed for every battle inside Battle Stadium, meaning move effectiveness on certain turns is the same for all players. In turn, players are now looking for one-hit knockout moves they can string together in a match’s opening turns to win in quick fashion.

While this kind of bug is a problem for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, regardless, some players may argue it is made worse by the fact it is only affecting the Battle Stadium experience. The feature, as mentioned above, was designed to serve as a PvP space for the games’ most competitive players from around the world looking to challenge each other. It would not be surprising to see the issue be one of the first The Pokemon Company addresses, along with Violet & Scarlet‘s item duplication glitch, it is less clear how quickly the issues will be fixed.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are currently available for Nintendo Switch.

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