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Funny Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Bug Spawns Psyduck In R&om Situations


A hilarious Pokemon Scarlet And Violet glitch causes Psyduck to spawn in picnics & other r&om situations during the game.


A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan has shared footage of a hilarious glitch that causes Psyduck to spawn in picnics & other r&om situations. Glitches have become a common occurrence in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet, as players are seeing some truly bizarre ones during their playthroughs. As a result, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are being review bombed because of many technical & performance issues in the latest titles.

Some Pokemon Scarlet & Violet bugs are scary & can be traumatizing for young gamers. One player shared a video where a trainer freezes in a grotesque position & shakes violently, while another shows a trainer being transformed into a giant monster. In comparison, some glitches are incredibly funny, like the one that causes legendary Pokemon to do a headst&. Similarly, another Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player encountered a humorous technical bug, causing an unrelated pocket monster to appear in r&om areas.


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Twitter user Ianzilla_ shared a video on their social media h&le showing the odd glitch in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. In the video, the player, another trainer, & a Koraidon appear to be at a picnic. The trainers walk toward the nearby table to dine, while Koraidon stays put when suddenly something strange happens. Out of nowhere, a Psyduck appears in the middle of the screen for a brief moment & vanishes quickly, seemingly startling the two characters. The caption suggests the original poster was surprised to see a r&om Psyduck at their picnic but found it too hilarious as they were laughing continuously for ten minutes.

Moreover, the retweets section paints a clearer picture of this Psyduck glitch as it shows that Ianzilla_ is not the only one who’s seen it. Many players have shared videos showing similar instances where a Pokemon appears out of nowhere for a split second & disappears without a trace. One Pokemon Scarlet & Violet clip shows Psyduck spawning right in front of two trainers while they’re scouting a region for new pocket monsters. Ultimately, Ianzilla_’s video has been viewed nearly a million times in a matter of days.

Underst&ably, Pokemon fans are disappointed by these glitches & performance troubles as it affects their playing experience. Meanwhile, some gamers have witnessed technical issues like crashes & data loss in the worst cases. Luckily, one fan has found a backup save feature in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. In contrast, many players have not seen any performance issues & enjoy the latest Pokemon titles & praise them for their multiplayer mode & gameplay.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for Nintendo Switch.

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