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Why EXP Share Isn’t Going Anywhere After Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet present wannabe Trainers with new challenges to overcome & battles to win. Some gamers may find that these challenges are easier than expected because much like Sword & Shield, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet do not allow players to turn off EXP share. This is a good indication that this feature, for good or Depraved, is here to stay.

Veteran gamers may complain that EXP share makes Pokemon games too easy, but there may be good reasons why developers have made it a permanent fixture. In addition to encouraging players to rotate their team out more, it also makes the more accessible to the franchise’s younger target audience. EXP share is just one of many features that are geared toward making Scarlet & Violet one of the most accessible entries in the series.


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There Are Just Too Many Pokemon

Scarlet & Violet represent an important generation, as it’s the one where the series finally passed Pokemon number 1000. The Pokemon in question is Gholdengo, a gilded creature that evolves from Gimmighoul. In total, there are now 1008 Pokemon, so many that it has been a while since they have all made an appearance in the same region. Of course, even with the truncated Pokedexes that players have gotten used to, there are still hundreds of critters for players to discover every generation. Though plenty of gamers will put hundreds of hours into a single save, it never seems like there is enough time to give each team member the time they deserve.

EXP share alleviates this issue by allowing players to train the rest of their Pokemon without having to bring them out every battle. It is meant to convenience players, allowing them to level up & evolve their Pokemon more easily. As the roster exp&s, the need for EXP share will only grow, as players will want to give as many Pokemon as possible a chance to be on their team. EXP share allows more Pokemon to be adequately leveled to be viable team members or at least makes it easier for players to keep an evenly leveled team.

Pokemon Is Aiming For Accessibility

pokemon scarlet violet battle tower

The latest Pokemon games make it evident that the series is gearing itself toward being accessible for newcomers as well as a younger audience. Scarlet & Violet feature more features than ever that make the Pokemon journey easy & convenient, removing much of the tedium & difficulty that marked past games in the series. Tall grass has been eliminated, removing the r&omness that once came from searching for Pokemon in the bushes. On-sight Trainer battles have also been yanked out, leaving players to decide who they wish to test their skills against. Gamers also have access to TM machines to craft new moves for their Pokemon, & auto-battles to easily gain EXP without doing much work.

The net result is that Scarlet & Violet are arguably the easiest mainline entries in the franchise thus far. While this has caused some longtime fans to complain, it should be remembered that the series is always looking to attract new gamers. Although some of Pokemon‘s die-hard fans may be older gamers who have been with the series for years, its primary target market is still children who may be more appreciative of the streamlined gameplay. Not all of Scarlet & Violet‘s features are geared toward making things easier, however. Some give players greater freedom. This is done, for instance, through the non-linear gameplay style which allows gamers to choose which storyline to pursue. Whether players choose to search for the fabled Herba Mystica, take on Team Star, or defeat the gym leaders is up to them.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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