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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Players Are Using Iron H&s to Solo 6 Star Tera Raids


Using an Iron H&s with a particular moveset & stat spread, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players can solo difficult Tera Raids.

iron h&s pokemon scarlet & violet six star tera raid guide

Players who have unlocked Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s six-star Tera Raids are quickly realizing that Iron H&s is capable of soloing them. Instead of teaming up with others, some pioneering players have discovered a particular approach that allows them to bring out Iron H&s’ full potential in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

For players without Nintendo Online, Tera Raids become more difficult due to the game assigning players three r&om, AI-controlled teammates. These NPC teammates often send out support Pokemon that do no substantial damage & neglect to Terastalize them, leading to players being unable to Fracture the Tera barrier before the raid timer runs out due to a lack of support. Thus, what an offline player needs is a Pokemon capable of outputting enough damage to topple Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tera Raid events while also being able to sustain themselves without relying upon the cheers of teammates.


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After much theorycrafting, many players have decided that Iron H&s, despite not being strong enough to get banned from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet competitive, is perfect for individually carrying difficult Tera Raids. The strategy for soloing five & six-star Tera Raids revolves around Iron H&s using Belly Drum to max its attack stat before l&ing heavy hits with Drain Punch, a move which also heals the user for a portion of total damage dealt. In a Reddit post explaining the strategy, user zs2399 also noted that the Iron H&s should ideally have the fighting Tera-type in order to increase the overall damage output from Drain Punch, have its IVs invested into maximizing its attack, & consider running a Sitrus Berry or Booster Energy if things ever get difficult. Even without teammates to pile on the damage or reduce the target’s defenses so that Iron H&s can hit harder, the results speak for themselves.

After using Belly Drum, each Drain Punch from Iron H&s does a sizable chunk of damage to even six-star Tera Raid Pokemon, though players will likely have to Belly Drum multiple times on more difficult raids due to the Tera Raid Pokemon being able to reset the stat changes of those attacking it throughout the battle. Despite the future Paradox form of Hariyama being exclusive to Pokemon Violet, there are also a h&ful of alternatives. Pokemon such as Hariyama with a flame orb & guts ability or strong water Pokemon found in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, such as Azumarill, are good options. Though it has no source of healing, Azumarill’s Liquidation packs a massive punch after maximizing its attack with Belly Drum, especially if its ability is Huge Power.

Ultimately, Iron H&s is arguably one of the single best Pokemon for dealing with high-tier raids due to its self-sufficient nature, & anyone without a battle plan for the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Tera Raid Charizard Event should most certainly consider catching themselves one as soon as possible. Players should make sure to choose their battles wisely, as Iron H&s struggles massively in ghost-type raids due to their immunity to Drain Punch.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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