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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Fan Points Out Huge Missed Opportunity With Gym Battles


Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduces the new Terastallize feature, & one fan points out a major missed opportunity with certain Pokemon typings.


Terastallized Pokemon is one of many new features in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, representing the replacement of Dynamaxing feature from the eighth-generation Pokemon Sword & Shield, but it may have missed a major opportunity for one gym leader’s ace Pokemon. The new gimmick allows Pokemon to take on any type in the game, switching their special-type attack bonus & bringing new life to the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet battle system.

Like the Dynamax function, Terastallize can only be used once enough energy is accumulated & trainers can only rely on its capabilities once per battle. Pokemon trainers, the rival of the game, & even gym leaders can use this ability, turning any monotype or duo-type into something entirely different, showing surprise value to terastallizing Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet during the heat of the battle.


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Reddit user Orochiwonka brings up missed potential of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s first gym-leader, Brassius, & his ace Pokemon, Sudowoodo. Relying on his grass-type team consisting of three pocket monsters, Brassius begins the battle with a Petalil & follows it up with a Smoliv, two fairly easy Pokemon to take down. His third & final Pokemon breaks the mold, as he sends out the rock-type Sudowoodo, countering trainers who rely heavily on a fire-type Pokemon. His terastallized form turns out to be a grass typing, which on the surface makes perfect sense given the gym’s theme.

The opportunity here could have made for some excellent synergy & mixing it up by turning Sudowoodo into a ground or water type, two elements that retain the advantage over fire-type Pokemon & tilt the momentum in the gym leader’s favor. In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, terastal Pokemon retain their same-type attack bonus, otherwise known as STAB, thus making a Sudowoodo an unstoppable force if element types target several Pokemon types all at once. Unfortunately for Brassius & his ace Sudowoodo, the terastal grass form exposes Sudowoodo to a weakness he once didn’t have.

Sudowoodo was introduced in Pokemon Gold & Silver as a tree-like figure that blocked pathways. The in-game mechanic worked similar to Snorlax’s representation in Pokemon Blue & Red, only Sudowoodo required a Squirt bottle to shake it up & prompt it to battle the player. Perhaps developer Game Freak’s intention with this was more of an Easter egg to pay homage to the Pokemon’s debut & the belief, at the time, that it was both a rock & grass type when, in fact, it was just a mono-rock type. Terastal Pokemon are well regarded as one of the best gimmicks since Pokemon introduced Mega Evolutions, & the endless combinations make the game interesting at all turns.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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