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The Best Nature For Pichu, Pikachu, And Raichu

While some may be focused on completing the Pokedex, any great trainer playing through Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will have taken the time to consider whether they have assembled the perfect team.

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This might mean seeking out a Pichu, Pikachu, or Raichu that happens to have the best nature it could possibly have. Pokemon can have any one out of 25 different natures such gentle, hasty, adamant, or quirky.


How Do Natures Work In Pokemon Scarlet And Pokemon Violet?

Pichu from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Each nature has a profound effect on any two of a Pokemon’s primary base stats, which include attack, special attack, defense, special defense, & speed.

Any Pokemon with a Hasty nature will enjoy a 10% boost to its speed stat, but it will also experience a 10% drop in its defense. This means a Pokemon’s nature should affect the way its stats grow as it levels up. Ideally, trainers will want to capitalize on a Pokemon’s highest base stat. Alternatively, trainers can choose to deal with the stat decrease elsewhere. Pokemon natures can turn the tide of any battle, even gym battles.

HP Attack Defense Special Attack Special Defense Speed Total
Pikachu’s Base Stats 35 55 40 50 50 90 320

What does this mean for Pichu, Pikachu, & Raichu? Their highest base stat has always been speed, but their lowest is defense. Out of the 25 natures in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, the four that provide boosted speed are: timid; hasty; jolly; & naive. Any of these natures will get Pichu the highest speed a trainer could hope for, but it will be up to them to decide where to focus the weakness. And yet, the best battle strategy dictates that the weakest stat should be further weakened by 10% with the right nature.

What Is The Best Nature For Pichu, Pikachu, And Raichu?

super smash bros ultimate pichu

Nature Increased Stat Decreased Stat
Timid Speed Attack
Hasty Speed Defense
Jolly Speed Special Attack
Naive Speed Special Defense

Therefore, the best nature for Pichu, Pikachu, & Raichu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is hasty. Hasty natures will result in decreased defenses, while timid natures mean a decrease in attack. Meanwhile, jolly natures will drop the special attack stat, & naive natures will lower the Pokemon’s special defense. Perhaps a trainer will want their Pikachu to excel just a bit more in its equal base stats of special defense or special attack.

Pichu can be found early in the game, in the South Province on the rising inclines beyond Los Platos. Maybe some trainers’ teams won’t seem complete without this iconic electric rodent, so they’ll need to make sure they’ve Advance stocked with enough Pokeballs to hunt & catch Pichu or Pikachu. Eventually, rest assured, the caught Pokemon’s summary will reveal the desired best nature. Then surely, they can move on to hunting the perfect Eevee & resulting Eeveelution.

Intimate familiarity with every team member’s stats should greatly help any trainer Advance out on top. And, with any new game generation, it will pay for players to get familiar with Scarlet & Violet’s version exclusives as well. If trainers take the time to craft stats by personally picking their Pokemon’s best natures, trainers will have an intuitive sense of which team member should perform best in any battle situation.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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