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All Blue Stake Locations to Open Firescourge Shrine & Catch Chi-Yu


There are mysterious stakes scattered across the Paldea region, & here’s how to find the blue ones to unlock & capture Chi-Yu in Scarlet & Violet.

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There are over 30 mysterious stakes stuck in the ground in different spots over the Paldea region. There are four sets of colors of stakes, & by collecting each set, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players can face off against up to four Legendary Pokemon.

This guide will show Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players how to find all eight blue stakes so they can unlock the Firescourge Shrine to get an encounter with the Fire/Dark-type, Chi-Yu.

The blue stakes can be collected in any order, & they will be located in the east/northeastern section of Paldea. Getting to all the stakes can be challenging unless players fully upgrade their Ride Pokemon by completing the Titan Pokemon missions. We recommend getting at least the wall climbing ability before attempting to grab any stakes.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players can find this first blue stake in North Province Area One, on top of a hill not far north of the area’s Pokemon Center.

This blue stake is on a cliff just above Eri’s Fighting Crew Team Star base. It’s a little bit northeast of the North Province Area Two Pokemon Center.

Check out one of the tallest mountains above a waterfall near the Firescourge Shrine’s location to find this stake. Players should be able to see the North Province Area Two Pokemon Center from the stake’s location.

This stake is inside the remains of a ruin just southeast of the Firescourge Shrine.

This one is hanging out near a tree on a hilltop overlooking Tagtree Thicket. This is where the Poison Crew base is, with Atticus as the boss.

Trainers can find this stake next to a Huge tree outside Levincia on a tall cliff.

Head to the cliffs northeast of the Dalizapa Passage Pokemon Center to find this blue stake on a grassy ledge with trees.

Once all eight of the blue stakes are pulled, trainers will hear a mysterious Wail coming from a shrine. The noise is coming from the Firescourge Shrine, where Chi-Yu is found.

The Firescourge Shrine is south of the North Province (Area Two) Pokemon Center. Instead of the shrine being on the ground level, it’s hidden inside a cave located on the side of a really tall mountain. Fly/climb to a high point with the Ride Pokemon & then look for a spot where there’s a small patch of grass atop a waterfall. Head inside the cave to open the shrine.

Chi-Yu is one of the legendary Pokemon that can be caught in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, & once players get inside its shrine, they’ll face off against it. It’s at level 60 & is Dark/Fire type Pokemon, making it weak to Water, Fighting, Ground, & Rock. For those trying to catch it, be careful not to knock it out by accident.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available for the Nintendo Switch.

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