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Hilarious Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Clip Shows That NPCs Can Fall Off Cliffs


One Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player captures the surprising moment when Nemona falls off from the top of a very tall cliff.


A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player made a clip featuring a hilarious moment where Nemona, one of the protagonist’s rival Trainers, steps a bit too close to the edge of a tall cliff & falls off with astonishing speed. The recently-released Generation 9 titles, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, have been criticized for their wide range of bugs since launch, as funny as some of them may be.

Indeed, complaints regarding the lack of polish on Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have been widespread across social media sites such as Twitter & Reddit since the games first launched. Aside from a list of bugs which only seems to keep on getting longer, the latest mainline Pokemon games are unfortunately held back by poor graphical fidelity & troubling performance issues. Crashes have reportedly been quite common among players, more so than in most previous Pokemon games it seems, & unstable frame rates can sap the believability out of an otherwise spectacular world. That said, social media sites have been alight with hilarious moments being shared by Pokemon fans over the past couple of weeks, either due to bugs or simply just thanks to wild moments that could only occur in the Paldea region.


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A clip was shared recently on Twitter by the user jerboaes featuring one such fantastic moment near the edge of a cliff in one of the rich corners of the all-new Paldea region. Accompanied by several AI companions, one of them being Nemona, the player can be seen approaching Nemona after she ventures to the edge of a cliff by her own accord. The player’s own curiosity then appears to be piqued, as they make a few attempts to push Nemona to see what happens. Amazingly, Nemona then proceeds to turn & slip slowly towards the edge, before losing footing & immediately plummeting to the ground at a comical speed.

What happens to Nemona afterwards is entirely unknown, as that’s where the clip ends. It wouldn’t be surprising for her to Approach out unscathed though, as it wouldn’t be the first time that Nemona has demonstrated superhuman abilities. She has quickly become another fan-favorite character among the Pokemon community, & one of the many recently-submitted clips features Nemona dashing straight through a staircase as if it isn’t there.

The unfortunate state of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has provoked plenty of criticism from fans of the series online, many players quickly requesting refunds due to the seemingly unfinished quality of the new games. While the technical problems certainly haven’t been looked past, many fans have surprisingly had a lot of fun with the games regardless of their shortcomings. Whether Game Freak will release patches to fix the games’ current problems is uncertain, but the latest release for the Pokemon series has introduced enough rich gameplay & worldbuilding to make Scarlet & Violet a favorite of many fans.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available on Nintendo Switch.

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