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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Compilation Video Showcases Some of the Funniest Glitches


Making light of the glitches in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, a player compiles some of the funniest glitches they found into a video for all to enjoy.

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A Pokemon Scarlet & Violet player decided to make light of the ongoing problems with the games & compiled a montage video of glitches & bugs that they & other players discovered across social media. The player then posted their video on Reddit where it received some attention & added testimony from other Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players.

It’s no secret that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have been riddled with performance issues & jarring bugs. From players clipping through the world map to severe frame rate drops in both TV & H&held Mode, the games have been criticized as a result. But some players have chosen to make the best of their time with the games, using some bugs & glitches to their advantage or to showcase on social media for others to see.


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A Redditor by the username Aya_Sue16 took nine comedic clips they found when browsing Twitter & compiled them in a 57-second video post, with Edvard Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King” playing in the background. The clips shown featured weird behavior from the various Pokemon roaming around the map, including a Pyroar running off a cliff, some bugged animations & expressions from the player character, & an invisible Miraidon bug that included the player character still in a riding pose. In each clip, Aya_Sue16 added their own text captions & jokes, with dark humor featured throughout the montage to highlight the ridiculousness of the featured bugs. The video received over 500 upvotes within the first few hours of posting, & Aya_Sue16 linked the original videos they used when making the montage with proper credit given to each.

The comments section also thanked Aya_Sue16 for their work, & some users made jokes & comparisons to Bethesda, which has a known reputation for buggy releases in their open-world titles, such as Skyrim & Fallout 4. Though it is unknown if & when Nintendo or The Pokemon Company will release any updates or apologize for these outst&ing issues, players & speedrunners alike may still take advantage of bugs that allow them to sequence-Wreck via reverse long jumps in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet or other unintended methods in order to get through the games faster.

However, as expected with buggy games, some players will air their grievances clearly. Between players requesting full refunds of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to review bombing the games on various websites, it’s clear that the games have caught the attention of the public. Whether the games will receive updates in the near future to address these concerns or not, it’s clear that Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will remain on the minds of many players & critics, along with more videos from the Paldea region.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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