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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Player Finds An Easy Method To Climb Slopes


Pokemon Scarlet And Violet’s world is full of obstacles like steep slopes, & a player discovers an easy method to climb them.

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Player Finds An Easy Method To Climb Slopes

One intuitive Pokemon Scarlet & Violet fan has discovered an easy method to climb slopes that aren’t too steep. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are out now & seeing incredible commercial success, breaking several records in the process. At the same time, their reception on the critical front has not been the best, as Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are being review bombed. Most complaints are regarding the game’s subst&ard graphics & numerous performance issues.

Regardless, some fans enjoy the newly released Pokemon titles for their multiplayer mode & gameplay. Gamers like the massive open world of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet that features a newly introduced region of Paldea, full of exciting pocket monsters & challenges. Sometimes, players encounter physical obstacles due to the geography, making an area impassable. Huge cliffs & steep slopes are common occurrences in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, something that can be a roadblock for some players. Thankfully, one gamer has found an easy method to overcome such physical obstacles in the new Pokemon titles.


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Reddit user R3tr0_1221 deserves credit for finding a unique way to climb slopes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The user shared a short video showing how players can cross such areas in the game. In the video, R3tr0_1221’s character is riding Koraidon, a legendary Pokemon, while facing a cliff that’s blocking their way. They try to reach the top of the cliff by jumping with Koraidon but seem to have a hard time doing that, as their pocket monster slides down because of the game’s physics. After proving that the hill cannot be crossed by regular jumping, the user pulls out their secret technique to get the job done.

They rotate ninety degrees, so their back is toward the cliff, & jump backward directly at it. Shockingly, Koraidon & the player don’t slip down as they did previously but hold their ground to leap a few more times in the same direction. After a few leaps, the user successfully reaches the top of the cliff without having to go around. This backward jumping method can be helpful for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gamers who accidentally fall from high ground & fail to get back on top.

Backward jumping to enter inaccessible areas is one of the many Pokemon Scarlet & Violet tricks that gamers have found. One player discovered that connecting two controllers & using both joysticks can significantly increase the trainer’s running speed, making navigation faster & easier.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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