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Players Can Get a Flying Pikachu in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s First Limited-Time Event


Pokemon SV Terastal Pikachu

With the release of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, players can obtain a flying Pikachu in the game’s first event. The limited-time event will give players the chance to recruit the franchise mascot to venture around Paldea, & see all the locations including the higher areas of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s new region.

After a long wait, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are finally available for players. In addition to a new region, the new entries in the franchise introduce the new friendly trio of starters: Fuecoco is the fire-type crocodile, Sprigatito is the grass-cat, & Quaxly is the water-type duck, which has stylish hair. The game allows players to explore the areas of Paldea in any order, & features multiplayer for up to four players, allowing players to trade, battle, & journey together. To venture on the journey, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s first limited-time event brings a special Pikachu.


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Players can get the flying Pikachu until February 28, 2023. To do so, simply connect the Switch to the internet & access the Poke Portal through the physical or digital copy of Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet. Once there, the player must select the Mystery Gift option & Get it via the internet. Once this is done, players will have a unique version of Pikachu on their team, as the monster knows the Fly move, which Pikachu is unable to learn. It is important to note that to access the Mystery Gift, the player must first start the Treasure Hunt in the game’s story. Then just travel around Paldea & explore all the new features of the game, including the phenomenon of Terastallization.

When players download Flying Pikachu, it will be at level 5 & know Tail Whip, Thundershock, & Quick Attack, a solid set of moves to level up the monster fast. The flying Pikachu will be a good ally to capture new Pokemon like Pawmi, Armarouge, Ceruledge, & Spidops. Pawmi is the first Pikachu clone capable of evolving, making Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Fracture one of the oldest traditions of the Pokemon franchise.

Reviews of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet have pointed to a lukewarm reception of the new Pokemon games, with them being among the lowest-rated games os the series. Since the games have just been released, fans should keep in mind that the games’ ratings may change. After all, the Pokemon franchise is beloved by gamers of all ages, from the very young to gamers who have grown up with the adventures & challenges of becoming a Pokemon master. With new monsters like Lechonk & company to capture, & new legendaries to face, it is certain that players of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will have plenty to enjoy & draw their own conclusions.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now for the Nintendo Switch.

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